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This research work is about the design and implementation of a computer-based system to compute taxes and revenue in Akwa Ibom State. Before now, tax assessment was still done manually, but there is a need to change from the manual system to a computerized system. Where as using the manual method of assessment would not meet the aim for which tax and revenue was meant for, it is than important to change over from the old (manual) to the computerized system to increase efficiency and enhance effective productivity of the directorate of the board of internal revenue in Akwa Ibom State. The system is designed to provide solutions to the existing problems facing the assessment of tax and collection of revenue.


1.0                                    GENERAL INTRODUCTION

In Nigeria today, companies, people and Para status pay certain percentage of their monthly or annual income as taxes. The board of internal revenue office seeks to provide a system used to monitor these taxes as well as how these taxes are used for the development of the nation.

Prior to this, research work looks at ways of changing or improving upon the already existing tax monitoring system in the state. Therefore, government has long recognized the percentage of income generated by taxes and other revenues. Thus, it is important to do all things possible for the collection of the tax and revenue properly and as when due.

Where as the idea of taxation was to generate funds from citizens directly or indirectly for some purpose deemed fit by the government. Taxation is therefore, a compulsory levy imposed by the government against the income, project or wealth of the individual, partnership and corporate organization. To achieve the goal of assessment and collection of the tax and revenue adequately, there is a need to design a well defined functional system for proper computerization.

1.1                                    STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

In an attempt to study or examine the existing tax monitoring system in Akwa Ibom State (AKS), these problems were encountered.

1.                 The system used manual operation.

2.                 Both human and man-made resources were wasted.

3.                 As a result of this, huge sums of money was used in maintaining the system and it constituents.

4.                 Cases of no tax return were encountered. In view of this, there is need to review and change the existing problem through tax monitoring system.

1.2                                    SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The research project, this will go a long way in giving an effective system. The classes of income from taxes includes: income from employees, income from investor, income from land and building, income from profits of trade, profession or vocation and miscellaneous income. Important data and information that would assist in calculation of tax and revenue in the existing system will be obtained.

The problems inherent in the existing system shall be extracted for study there after derived solutions that will go along way in correcting the problems.

A case study of Board of Internal Revenue and ministry and ministry of finance, Akwa Ibom State has been cited in this research work. The inadequacies that arises in the existing system of tax evaluation in the Board of internal Revenue Akwa Ibom State has inevitably called for an effective computerized system to assist the existing one if not completely replaced.

1.3                                    OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

The result which is design to be interactive and result oriented is aimed at correcting the various anomalies and inaccuracies which characterized the existing system by simple replacing the manual procedure used in tax and revenue system. It is designed to give the user quick access to data and require less energy and time for understanding its procedure.

It is generally aimed at enhancing effective and accurate tax evaluation.

This research work is designed to:-

v To provide high quality information for management decision making at the appropriate time.

v To provide faster system response time.

v To provide improved accuracy of output.

v To reduce data redundancy.

v To check over data integrity problems.

v To provide reduction in clerical operators

v To provide efficient and effective storage and retrieval system.

1.4                                    SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

The need for assessing tax payers, collection and keeping a proper record/account of the revenue has given rise to this research work to be carried out.

Also, the huge reward which it has done to government made it such a concept that shall be treated with the highest level of procession hence, the design and implementation of a computerized system for tax and revenue which means excellent tax and revenue evaluation to the government.

1.5                                    DEFINITION OF TERMS

COMPUTER: - Is a tool or machine, which accepts information processes the information and produces a new information as result.

OPERATING SYSTEM: - This is normally a program that always act or link with the operator and the computer system. It’s also have the interface with operating system.

FILE MANAGEMENT:- It is a named collection of related information. Also file can be a program. Such as a word processing program. Or it can be a data file, such as a word processing document, a spreadsheet, images and songs, (According to LEO UKPEH).

TAX: - It simply means the money that you have to pay to the government so that it can pay for public services. It is also offer paid on goods and services and people pay tax according to their income and business, pay tax according their profits.

TAXATION: - It simply be seen as compulsory transfer or payment of money (or occasionally of goods and services) from private individuals, institutions or group to the government. It may be levied upon wealth or income, or in the form of surchange on prices.

TAX RATE:- This is the amount of tax (usually expressed as a percentage) which levied pay unit of base. The tax base as used there refers to the object upon which a tax is levied (According to John C. Anyanwu Author).

PAY AS YOU EARN:-  Pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) is a scheme whereby personal income tax on wages and salaries in the relevant tax years is collected by dedication at source by directed employers on behalf of the state tax authorities. (According to I.A. Ayua).

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