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1.0            Background of the Study

Lever operated knapsack sprayer (LOK) is a spraying device consisting of a tank together with pressurizing device, lines and sprayer nozzle used chiefly in fire control and spraying of fungicides or insecticides.(pesticides) Burrill Cardenas, J., and Locatelli, E, 1976. Sprayer is the most common method of applying chemical. Sprays have much advantage over granular forms. For one thing, spray can be applied more uniformly because extremely small quantities of chemical can be sufficiently diluted to permit even coverage with aid of normal discharge at nozzle. (fraser, and burrill1978).

Sprayer is used in a variety of purpose in the field of agricultural. The application of herbicides in order to reduced the completion from weed. The application of protection fungicides to minimize the effect of fungus disease. The use of insecticides to control various kind of insects and post

2.1     Statement of Problem

LOK sprayer nozzles not properly maintained they can wreak havoc in any implicated. The cost association with worn nozzles can be significant. Spray nozzles usually worn out gradually and it is difficult to detect.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine the nozzle discharge characteristic regularly in order to detect nozzle defects.

1.2     Aim of Study

The aim of the project is to determine the nozzle discharge characteristic using LOK sprayer

1.3     Objectives of Study

                               i.            Determination of nozzle discharge rate (ml/sec)

                             ii.            Determination of swath width coverage (m)

                          iii.            Determination of cone angle (O)

1.4     Significance of the Study

LOK sprayer is one of the major sources of controlling pest on the filed. It is a manually operated which serves as alternative to the more expensive and complex boom sprayers.

1.5     Scope of the Study

The project work is to determine the nozzle discharge characteristics using LOK sprayer. These discharge characteristic are nozzle discharge rate, swith width or coverage and corn angle.

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