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1.0              Introduction

The top of the injector nozzle has a lot of holes to deliver a spray of diesel/petrol fuel into the cylinder. The higher the pressure the smaller the injector nozzles opening can be producing smaller pulse that provide better fuel atomization, the fuel is sprayed through an injector nozzle typically at high pressure to improve the mixing of fuel with air.( Lucas Injector)

Petrol engine can be use indirect in such a way that the fuel is being injected into the inlet manifold before the inlet valves will open to pass through it and enter the combustion chamber while direct. With name implies it directly to the combustion chamber at a prices time. A fuel pump creates the flow of petrol to the engine and it is them injected into the inlet manifold by an injector nozzle. There is no separate injector for each cylinder or one or two injector into the inlet manifold (Davis maarlan). Traditionally, the fuel air mixture is controlled by the carburetor a device that is by no means perfect  a major disadvantage is that a single carburetor supplying a four cylinder cannot give each cylinder precisely the same fuel – air mixture because some of the cylinder are further away from the carburetor than others(Hartman, Gerard (5 August 2007)).

One possible solution is to fit twin carburetor but these are difficult to tune correctly. Instead many vehicle are now being fitted with fuel injected engines where the fuel is delivered in precise burst engine so equipped are usually more efficient and more powerful than carbureted ones and they can also be more economical, as well as having less poisonous emission

1.1              Aim

To construct a device “tester” that will be used to stimulate spray pattern and leakage test on Spark Ignition and identifies blockage  nozzle.

1.2              Objectives

i.           To make testing of nozzle more easier for the automobile technician or road side mechanic as well to enable the owner see the condition of  spray pattern of their nozzles.

ii.         To provide a portable and affordable nozzle tester

iii.       To demonstrate to student on how injector nozzles spray with the device.

1.3              Statement of the Problem

Most auto service men find it difficult to ascertain the state and condition of the spray nozzles especially when carrying out  Servicing and cleaning. There are no common specific device used in carrying out these test unlike the diesel injector nozzle which uses injector nozzle tester ( compression or pressure guage are special testers).Service men use carburetor cleaners to flush and service the nozzle, which is just cleaning without checking the spray pattern. Cleaning alone will not solve nozzle problem, rather the vehicle will not only develop less power but will consume excess fuel. in the process of cleaning the nozzle these O-rings might cause the nozzle to leak and the vehicle might not function properly and where exposed to spark or some naked wire might result to fire and the cause has gotten same car or vehicle to get burnt. These reasons has given birth to the idea and desire of taking the challenge in developing of spark ignition nozzle testers that will be efficient and affordable.

1.4              Scope of the Study

The project comprises the development of a tester for sparks ignition injector nozzle using locally available materials. The nozzle tester is constructed mainly to carry out test on gasoline injector nozzle for spray pattern, leakages.

1.5              Significance of the Study

Because testers for SI injector system or nozzles are not readily available service men will usually do a guess work in determining the condition of the nozzle. The guess work is what I intend to put to rest.

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