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The project examines role of national museum to tourism development in Kaduna State. To identify the facilities and objects available at the Kaduna National Museum. The need to involve both the relevance role of National Museum to tourism development was highlighted problems was identified and solutions were preferred. Research takes a great deal of care to develop instruments that relates the constructs under investigation.

Kaduna State as a whole is certainly a state blessed with diverse culture. The product of the Kaduna State cultures and portrayed and conserved in museum and monuments spread out over the state. Students should take periodic school to university level. It is very necessary to related here that for tourism industry to take her place properly as one of the revenue yielding sectors and social cultural benefit of this state and the nation at large, full role of the national museum to tourism development is vey mandatory.



1.1     Background of the Study

The word “Museum” derives its meanings from the word “Mouseion” meaning “Temple” of the muses a sanctuary dedicated to the museum of the Greek mythology.

Today, the museum has become a complex phenomenon as its contents can cover such variety of collections as objects of arts, skeletons of animals, machines, relics of human life in past periods, contemporary products specimens of local geology or arts and articles from distant lands. Museum objects are created by man and nature.

The museums an institution and through its various collections and activities help man to understand himself and the environment. The present day museum series a fourfold purpose.

i.        To collect and preserve objects of culture heritage and information connected with them.

ii.       To interpreted in different ways for different sections of the community.

iii.      To present or exhibit what it has preserved.

iv.      To stimulate study (education), research and provide recreation.

The museum is a part component of the tourist industry and because of its relevance to tourism in satisfying tourist demands especially those interested to cultural tourism, there is therefore the need to maintained and develop the cultural heritage of the people.

The museum is the place today where man’s traditional past is preserved thereby providing continuity between the past and the present.

The museum has therefore become a visiting place for quite good numbers of tourists particularly those who have interest in people ways of life or there material culture. The museum industry in Nigeria and the Kaduna museum in particular has a role to play in the development of the tourist industry in the country. A part from providing such vast knowledge to tourists about Nigeria’s cultural heritage, it also serves as a central for recreational and educational purposes.

With the growing industrializations, people are no doubt forced to move away from home to seek either fresh air or change in environment. The museum can provides such a change also.

Museum is a nonprofit making permanent institution at the service of society and it’s development and open to the public, it’s acquire, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits for the purpose of study, education, enlightenment and enjoyment of the material evidence of man’s creativity and wonders of nature. Numerous other responsibilities are borne by the museum. There is no fact of man’s concern in which museum is not relevant, it is an octopus spread its tentacle in the name of service to the public in the area of information dissemination. The institution does not limit itself to only culturally conspicuous news its new that are indispensable on the increasing contemporary responsibilities of the institution are disseminated.

Basically there are four major types f museum they are:

i.        General Museum: This kind of museum display materials from several field of study, appealing to all ages.

ii.       Art Museum: This museum preserves and exhibits sculptures and works of art. The collections of some arts museum include works from many periods.

iii.      History Museum: Illustrate the life and event of the past. The collection of such museum includes documentary, furniture tool, terracotta’s and other materials. History museum include archaeological museum in which the objects have been excavated.

iv.      Science and Technology Museum: This museum has exhibits on the natural science and technology. Some natural science museum are called museum of natural history. The exhibits display animals fossils, plants, rocks and other objects and organism found in nature. However, monuments are object of special historical interest such as pre-history fortification example old buildings and bridges such as Lord Lugard Foot Bridge in Kaduna State, Jaekel House in Lagos State, Kajuru Castle in Kaduna State, are often preserved by official bodies. Monument are great significance to the historical and cultural background of any society of any society. It depicts the cultural pride to many nations monument broaden the people’s knowledge about their past civilization. In relation to tourism Kaduna State has a lot to gain economically, since tourism is a very good source of revenue which is managed and utilize well, will indeed go long way in building up the economy. It could be argued by some economist that a lot of money goes down the drain in the cause of developing these tourism oriented subject like the monument but when examined in the proper context, one would realized how much significant the development of tourism products (safari parks monument etc) are to a developing state like Kaduna State. It is true that a lot of money is being put into the tourism ventures, but then tourism is not like ordinary business ventures where profits are realized in a short time. But in the case of tourism, it is like planting a mango tree which will gown and yield lots and lots of fruits for a substantial period with a life span of l0 – 20 years. All citizens of Kaduna State should be enlightened culturally so that they will be aware of how much their culture is. This will then create in their awareness about how important it is to protect and preserve the monument of great historical value from destruction by men and nature itself. However, here in Kaduna State there are quite or number of monuments standing today, which is of great historical values to the nation and its people. Then in Kaduna State the steel foot bridge which was created in 1904 by Lord Lugard at Zungeru and recreated in 1854 in the Kaduna garden. It was declared a monument on the 10th February 1956. There are some other monuments standing put in other parts of the state. In relation to tourism, they serve as tourist attractions to tourist attractions to tourists example steel foot bridge at Zungeru, now at Government Garden in Kaduna State, attract tourist on local basis as observed by the researcher. Unfortunately many people in Nigeria are ignorant of the state’s monuments and tourist industry especially in Kaduna State. Historical monument have suffered neglect and are in deteriorating conditions as observed by the researcher for example the Kano City Wall and Zaria City Wall in Kaduna State. The authorities in charge are less conserved about the conditions of monument in the state due to the problem associated with these monuments. Thus, the need has arisen to this topic in question the role of national museum to tourism development in Kaduna State.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

Museums and monuments in Kaduna State has not been given clear attention by the state government and citizens of the state and also the participation of people of the state to the place has been very low due to certain problems which among are lack of tourism awareness, publicity, religious belief and the part of the problems of cultural events, lack of enough time among many others are affecting the rate of participation in tourism in Kaduna State.

1.3     Objectives of the Study

For the purpose of the research work. The objectives of the study are as follows:

i.        To identify the facilities and objects available at the Kaduna National Museum.

ii.       To examine the contribution of Kaduna National Museum to tourism development Kaduna State.

iii.      To identify some of the challenges facing the Kaduna national Museum.

iv.      To proffer strategies in curbing the challenges facing the Kaduna National Museum.

1.4     Significance of the Study

The significance of this research can never be over emphasized as it will can never be over emphasized as it will help the stake holder in tourism industry on how to improve on the development of monuments and museums in order to encourage tourism participation in Kaduna State. This research work will also be of great importance to tourism students who may want to research on the same or similar topic. Finally, it will also be of great importance to the ministry of tourism, arts and culture in the area of research and planning towards museums and monuments development.

1.5     Scope of the Study

The research study will therefore discuss on monument have encourage tourism participation in Kaduna State. The research work tries to trace the history and development of museums and monuments from 1976 to date. It will also highlight the peculiar problem militating and confronting against the functioning of the museum and monuments and possible solution of the obstacle.

Finally, the importance or advantage that could be derived from the museum and monuments development in Kaduna State.

1.6     Research Question

The following research questions were drawn:

i.        What are the roles of museum and monument to tourism development in Kaduna State?

ii.       What the contribution of museum and monuments to tourism development in Kaduna State.

iii.      What are the problems associated with museum and monument to tourism development in Kaduna State.

iv.      What are the possible solutions to the problems?

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