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The prospect for persons who are already displaced have never being brighter, the world overtime has experienced several natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and landslides, and man-made disaster like wars, political and conflict. Nigeria has not being left out following the study of the recurring conflict such as Boko-haram insurgences, ethno religious crises etc. This study is therefore aimed at providing standard internally displaced person camps with conducive environment. Research Methods were based on case studies , interview, and internet research with the use of other journals were carried out on various existing and related camp of internally displaced person’s within and outside Nigeria which this was done to ascertain its basic functional requirement, and careful analysis of the site location and design factors were done to provide a conducive environment to the internally displaced persons camp to be sited at Enugu.  The purpose of this will not only help one for planning purpose but will result to ensuring adequate internally displaced persons camp which will grant comfort and joy to the dwellers in this proposed IDPs camp. In this proposed project is highly essential that  schools should be provided and skill acquisition program since most problem faced by the displaced person in camps are mainly lack of educational and skill acquisition training.


The world overtime has experienced several disasters, natural ranging from floods, hurricanes, landslides and others; and man-made like wars. These tragedies have result in an increased number of people from their homes and means of livelihood, posing a difficult challenge to the world at large.At the beginning of 2007, there were an estimated 24.5 million people, hounded out of their homes by war or persecution, in at least 52 countries. As outcasts in their own lands, they often have very limited legal or physical protection and face an uncertain future (UNHCR 2007), by the end of 2014 it was estimated 38.2 million IDPs worldwide, the highest level since 1989, and the first year for which statistics on IDPs are available. (“UNHCR – Global Trends –Forced Displacement in 2014”. UNHCR. 18 June 2015.).It is very difficult to get accurate figures for IDPs because their population are not constant, IDPs may be returning home while others are fleeing, others periodically return to IDPs camp to advantage of humanitarian aid. (IDMC 2006).

Africa remains the continent with the highest number of people who have been internally displaced. In 2011, IDMC (internal displacement monitoring centre) monitored displaced persons in the sub-Saharan African countries. There were an estimated 9.7 million IDPs existing in these countries, representing over a third of the world total internally displaced population. Having access this IDPs camp, it was discovered that this camp lack essential services such as water, shelter, healthcare and education (IDMC 2011).

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