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The study investigated indiscipline among secondary school  Students in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. The study adopted a survey research design in the study. The population of the study was 3000 students. The sample for this study was 180 respondents. Twenty four (24) SS2 students from each of the six schools and five teachers from each of the chosen schools were randomly selected. A total number of 144 students and 30 teachers plus all the six principals to make a grand total of 180 respondents were used as the sample size for the study. A self—developed questionnaire was used to generate data for the study. The study was guided by four research questions. A test-retest procedure was used in determining the reliability of the instrument, SA strongly agree = 4, Agree = 3, Disagree = 2, Strongly Disagree using Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient, which yielded 0.75 correlation coefficient. Mean statistics was used in answering formulated research questions. The findings revealed that curriculum content, parental training, teachers/school administration and students are causes of indiscipline among secondary school students in Ohaukwu L.G.A of Ebonyi State. It was also found that cultism, indecent dressing, lack of respect to school authorities and examination malpractice contribute to lack of discipline among secondary school students in Ohaukwu L.G.A of Ebonyi State. From the findings the study recommended that teachers should be well trained, and also made to understand that as role models they should show good examples. The Government should also provide adequate security and learning facilities to students and staff to enable them work well.



Background to the Study

       Indiscipline is one of the major problems hindering the normal development of youths in the society especially students in post primary schools. Indiscipline as it concerns achievement of educational goals, has received a lot of attention.

       Edem (2001)states that indiscipline is the violation of school rules and regulations which is capable of obstructing the smooth and orderly functioning of the school system should be consequently avoided through perfect orientation of students and imposition of positive sanction in case of obvious violation of the order.

       Indiscipline is the inability of students and/or teachers to respect authority observe and obey school rules and regulations. It is also a social disorder which hampers a high standard of behaviour conducive to maintenance of teaching learning process.

       Nwanna (2005) carried out a study of the major offences committed by students in some schools in the Western region and found that some of the most frequently committed offences include stealing, lying, bulling, lateness to school, rioting, cruelty, absence and truancy.

       Soya (2006) in his study found that students these days

block the school entrance thereby preventing others, the principal and staff gaining entrance into the school premises. Such was another form of indiscipline behavior exhibited by youths these days. This act is termed socially as maladjusted. Some of the disciplinary measures adopted by the various school authorities are canning, suspension, manual labor, expulsion, deprivation of privileges etc.

       Indiscipline is like a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the society. It breeds lawlessness and lawlessness brings crime, and consequently self-destruction. Indiscipline in schools contributes to lack of success in one’s life, if allowed to linger on for a long time. It is in this view of the above that the researcher was moved to carry out this study.

Statement of the Problem

       Anchored on the fact that indiscipline among secondary school students in Ohaukwu Local Government area caused problems such as cruelty, rioting, bullying, lateness to school, truancy etc.

       The source of indiscipline among secondary school students is an educational

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