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1.1 Background Of Study
Distribution is a system through which goods produced are transferred from the production area to the final consumer through different channels. It ensures that people will be able to obtain products when and where needed. It involves the actual movement of product as well as their ownership. The computerized product distribution and monitoring system contains a list of orders to be filled and then prompts workers to pick the necessary items, and provides them with packaging and shipping information. This may be used to automate sales order fulfillment process and also manage in and outward material of hardware. Automation is there placement of human workers by technology. For optimal sales and product management process, robust functionality is needed for managing logistics facilities. Warehouse management functions for distribution and monitoring cover internal warehouse movements and storage and its support helps in the recording and tracking of materials on basis of both quantity and value.
Product monitoring is primarily about specifying the size and placement of stocked goods. It is a science primarily about specifying the shape and percentage of stocked goods. Monitoring is required at different levels within a facility or within multiple locations of a supply network to protect the regular and planned course of production. This application takes care of all supply orders reducing cost for warehousing, transportation while improving customer satisfaction. It significantly improves products turns, optimizes flow of products. It also improves cash flow, visibility and decision making by providing efficient execution of tasks using this fast and reliable computerized method.
This project which is design and implementation of computerized product distribution and monitoring system provides a computer based information management system in that it cost effective and uses friendly incorporating key attributes of data integrity and system security. The overall aim of this project is to optimize time and material in the processing of data needed for effective operation of small to large system. By this approach, data integrity and data consistency will been sure. The ability of the computer to store and retrieve information at a very fast and efficient rate which makes this application useful in management operations.

1.2 Statement Of the Problem
The current system operates manual system, from stocks, products, ordering and purchases etc. recorded in a book. This is faced with errors, incompleteness, and insufficient data for analysis. As a result it is difficult in processing, updating and managing. The factors for these difficulties are:

• Time Consumption
• Poor Communication
• Physical Counts
• Daily Purchases
• Ordering Supplies

1.3 Objectives Of the Study
The main objective of this study is to develop a computerized product distribution and monitoring system. Others include;
I. To provide total asset visibility.
II. To allow reduced product stocking levels giving full products history.
III. To reduce lead time, shelf space, and errors due to damage, fatigue of staff and overall cost of operations.
IV. To facilitate real time deliveries.
V. To provide full process control for products.

1.4 Scope Of the Study
This research work covers stock control, management and tends to correct anomalies due to manually operated system in business. It analyses Opening of New Stocks, stock updates and ability to view existing ones.

1.5 Limitations

In this project, it is only restricted to the stock and distribution department of Nigeria brewery. There are some limitations they encountered in the updating of some finished product supply into store house and are delivered to the customer who depends on demand and supply as a method of stock control the recorder stock level and economics order quantity. Also, the administrative department orders materials for the production of the required product these materials could be gotten through local purchasing order. In addition, the project cannot run on its own without human involvement.

1.6 Definition Of Terms
Automation: This is the use of technology or computers to control and process data reducing the need for human intervention.
Database: This refers to a large to re of related data on a computer that a user can access and modify.
Password: This is a secret code that must be entered into a computer to enable access to its applications. It is made up of numbers, letters, special characters or a combination of any of the above categories.
Distribution Monitoring System: A list of orders to be filled, and prompts workers to pick the necessary items and provides them with packaging and shipping information.
Computerization: This is the conversion of a manually operated system to a controlled, organized and automated system.
Research: A careful study of a subject to discover facts, establish a theory or develop a plan of action based on the facts discovered.
System: A set of computer components functioning together.
Technology: The study of techniques of mobilizing resources such as information for accomplishing objectives that benefit man and his environment.
Software: A computer program or set of instructions that direct a computer to perform processing functions.
Information System: A collection of procedures, people, instructions and equipment to produce information in a useful form.
Processing: This is dealing with something according to an established procedure.

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