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Friendship and politics make strange bedfellows. Applying the concept of friendship to political partnerships might seem misleading in terms of the different kinds of motivations and aims that ground these different types of relationships[1]. If political relationships are motivated more by self-interest and aim at instrumental advantage, and personal friendships are motivated more by concern for the other and aim at mutual recognition, one might argue that politics and friendship just do not mix.

After all, someone who is only your friend for instrumental reasons to do with their own interests or advantage would hardly count as a genuine friend. But by some accounts, governments and states form political, economic and military alliances precisely for instrumental reasons, to protect, promote or advance their own national interest. If this is right, then the concept of ‘political friendship’ is an oxymoron Aristotle, a common starting point for discussions of personal friendship, characterizes friendship as mutually recognized and ‘reciprocated goodwill’ (1985).

He admits a variety of different types of friendship based on utility, pleasure, and virtue, but maintains that only virtue friendships are complete in that they involve wishing goods to the other ‘for the other’s sake’ (1168b3). An important limitation on virtue friendships is that they are rare and hard to cultivate, for ‘it is impossible to be many people’s friend for their virtue and for themselves. We have reason to be satisfied if we can find even a few such friends’ (1171a15–20)[2]. With this account, however, it seems that personal friendship is not something that can be easily translated into the political realm.


Political friendship seems too to hold states together, and lawgivers care more for it than for justice; for unanimity seems to be something like friendship, and this they aim at most of all, and expel factions as their worst enemy. The problem in political friendship in Jacques Derrida could be as a result of people’s perception and beliefs; this could be that there are people that do not love peace and unity amongst them, thereby always trying to bring in war and enmity n the midst of others which might lead to division of states and country as well. Finally, several researches have been carried out on political friendship but not even a single research has been carried out on political friendship in Jacques Derrida.


The main aim of the study is to examine political friendship in Jacques Derrida. Other specific objective of the studies includes;

1.          to determine the factors affecting political friendship in Jacques Derrida.

2.          to determine the effect of political friendship on the masses in Jacques Derrida.

3.          to determine the effect of the masses perception on political friendship in Jacques Derrida.

4.          to proffer possible solutions to the problems.

1.4   RESEARCH QUESTIONS               

1.          What are the factors affecting political friendship in Jacques Derrida?

2.          What is the effect of political friendship on the masses in Jacques Derrida?

3.          What is the effect of the masses perception on political friendship in Jacques Derrida?

4.          What are the possible solutions to the problems?


The study on political friendship in Jacques Derrida will be of immense benefit to the entire country in the sense that it will educate them on how to live in peace and unity so as to keep the country in one accord. More also, the study will widen the sense of understanding of the masses on friendship in politics, meaning that, irrespective of the hierarchy in politics that one is in, there is always room for unity and friendship. Finally, the study will contribute to the body of existing literature and knowledge to this field of study and basis for further research.


The study on political friendship is limited to Jacques Derrida.


Financial constraint- Insufficient fund tends to impede the efficiency of the researcher in sourcing for the relevant materials, literature or information and in the process of data collection.

Time constraint- The researcher will simultaneously engage in this study with other academic work. This consequently will cut down on the time devoted for the research work.


PoliticalRelating to the government or public affairs of a country.

Friendship Is a relationship of mutual affection between people or is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association.

[1] See, for example, Talal Asad, Genealogies of Religion: Discipline and Reasons of Power in Christianity (Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1993). For more recent explorations on the concept of religion from different disciplines, see Hent de Vries, (ed.) Religion: Beyond a Concept (New York: Fordham University Press, 2008)

[2] For an impressive historical investigation of this issues see, Tomoko Masuzawa, The Invention of World Religions Or, How European Universalism Was Preserved in the Language of Pluralism (Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2005)

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