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Study have shown that one of the major problem facing Nigeria is unemployment, this problem of employment is likely to affect those people in the delta state which lead low standard of living and general well being of the people especially the indigent rural dwellers.

          However, the concept of unemployment as it obtains in Nigeria today started from the mid of 2007 the unemployment problem in Delta State is most serious for holders of school certificate and general certificate of education as well as those holding first leaving school certificate, graduates.

          This continues until the Nigeria civil war when Nigeria civil war ended between the close of the 60s and the opening of the 70s the wind of the oil boom in Nigeria helped Delta State already.

          That time they post war reconstruction development, with this development, the holders of the above mentioned certificate were saved from unemployment masses unemployed. (As Hornuy Elo 1963). The unemployment are those who has work or when are temporary without work. This state has a serious social, psychological society at large.

          In view of this unemployment is regarded as serious social malady. The rate of unemployment varies from one country to another and it is likely associated with poor or slow industrial and economic development, as a result of this unemployment seen to be higher in other countries.     

          The impact or numbers of people affected also vary in intensity from country depending on group to which they belongs either developed or under developed countries. In developed countries the problem is made less serve on the victims by the adoption of the unemployment or insurance funds to a workers who cannot get unemployment seriously in Nigeria.

          Olaitan (2007) stated that this problem is so common in most countries of the world to the extent that the efforts of succeeding government are because a complete solution is possible.

          Delta State, problem of unemployment in Nigeria affects delta mostly which lead to armed robbery, stealing, prostitution, drug abuse, illegal business, untimely death, frustration, late marriage, police raid and so on, the types of unemployment are as follows cyclical structural, residual, fictional and seasonal.

          Delta State history was started on august 27th 1991 out the defunct Bendel State. It is bounded on the north, by Edo State on the east by Anambra State and on the south east by Bayelsa State.

          The state capital is Asaba, it is located at the bank of the river Niger to the north and of the head quarters. Name of the local government are as follows: Aniocha North, Aniocha South, Burutu, Ethipoe East, Ethiope West, Ika North East, Isoko North, Isoko South, Ndokwa East, Ndokwa West, Okpes, Oshimili South, Patani, Sapele Udu, Ughelli North, Warri South, Warri South West.

          After the creation of Delta State from defund Old Bendel State. Delta State stands as a single in the constitution of federal republic of Nigeria under the military reign of the Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida august 2019.


          Today, Nigeria is facing critical human settlement problem such as rapid population growth environment poverty, declining technology lack of quality personnel and the rest of them.

          Moreover, government has to motivate and finance to a large extent any project engage in by the communities of the states. Since the rural dwellers constitutes a dominate potential of producers and consumers, if they are well activated, they will contribute not only solving the poverty problem but also increase the growth of the national economy and stabilize the society. When all these problems that have been listed above is well controlled by the government well.

          This problem of unemployment poverty, lack of techniques will decline in rate. The problem of this research work therefore, is to critically analyze those things that contributed to that unemployment in delta state, Nigeria


This research work deals with the causes and effect of unemployment in Nigeria economy, a case study of Delta State. The study of this unemployment helps the government to know their weak point concerning those things they have to do. The objective of this study is aimed

1.           Identifying the kind of work to be engaged by the people so that unemployed will decrease in rate.

2.           Suggesting measures or solution through which these problems identified could be alleviated.

3.           Identify the factors that militate against unemployment in delta state

4.           Examining how people indifferent communities in delta state encourage them seriously to reduce the rate of unemployment their areas to bring development.


In purchase of research work the researcher deemed it necessary to pose some research questions which enable any reader of this to comprehend clearly what the study is all about.

          However, these research questions are formulated based on the scope of the study. Below are the research questions.

1.           What are the problems that militate against unemployment in delta state?

2.           What are the possible measures or solution of this problem?           

3.           What can Deltan tome together to solve the problem?

Ho: represent the null hypotheses, that is, hypotheses that stand and are accepted if true.

Hi: represent the alternative hypothesis that is the hypothesis, which is accepted were Ho, is not true and accepted.

          The cause of youth unemployment in delta state has result to increase in this country (Ho)

          Our government in this delta state does not generate employment to unemployed youth in the country (Hi)


It is important to mention that this study dealt primarily on employment in delta state. It important to mention that this research was undertaken on entirely in delta state Nigeria. This issue brings a lot of problem in cities, rural, urban and industrial productivity of our rural and urban population. This study is significance because the sub – sequent finding and recommendations of the study will enable the government and the local authorities in the state to learn from others mistakes and effect change where necessary. It also enables the affected area to have slight ideal on how problem. 


Osuala (1985:86) state that an adequate statement of problem also identified it very carefully in items of the scope.

          These are the essential things in the scope of a research work. Based on the issue of unemployment in delta state the area that is mostly affected is Isoko, kwale, Urohbo and the rest of them. Those communities listed above are the communities born in mind within the scope of the study.


This research work is on the causes and effect of youth unemployment on the delta state economy. The information is collected from materials, textbooks, newspaper, journals and respondents unpreparedness to answer questions in this research.

          Inadequate finance was also a problem in the course of this work as the finance for getting the necessary information.


1.     Nepotism: the practice of favouring one relative and tribes especially by giving the job achieved promotion by nepotism.

2.      Termination: to say that something is all over

3.      Malady: This refers to the illness that is facing the masses they find a way to solve but it is not yet solve.

4.      Dwellers: a person living in a given place

5.      Jeopardize: to cause something to be harmed, lost or destroyed. To put something in danger of this happening

6.      Psychological: one of those things that are affecting the mind the psychological development of a child

7.      Universal: having to do with generally the people in the world or in a particular group.    

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