rendering of effective nursing care to their patients using the computer

rendering of effective nursing care to their patients using the computer

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Background of the Study

Computer education is the process of acquiring  the basic computer knowledge, idea’s, skills, and other competencies, so as to understand the basic terminologies, and how computer can be used to solve everyday problem which enables nurses to enhance patient care delivery, as well as the practice and safety of care. (Newbold and Douglas 2005)

Burger and Bilgnaut (2005) stated that the nurse’s attitude towards the whole phenomenon of computer affects his/her willingness or attitude towards computer and hence an organization’s ability to move towards a paperless system

Effectively, the attitude of nurses towards computerization will determine the success and failure of the programme being introduced. For instance, the introduction of computer can elicit diverse feelings among nurses. A positive attitude could bring or see a rapid adoption which accompanying realization of the benefit of computerization. A less positive attitude or rejection Is likely to retard attempts to modernize service delivery.

The linkage between the patient’s qualities of care to the implementation of computerized information system is that nurse is skilled with computer and increasingly require computer to carry out their works (Wilbright et al, 2006).


Contemporary healthcare faces many changes on account of emerging and re- emerging diseases but nothing will change the way healthcare is provided more than the current advances in information, communication and technology. Nursing being an integral part of health care delivery system is exposed continually to a variety of changes.

The attitude of nurses towards computer education has affected the quality of rendering effective care which bring about the knowledge of new prevalent diseases and the quality of the profession both within the country and beyond.

It is against this background that the researcher has declared to find out attitude of nurses towards computer education in St. Gerard’s catholic hospital, Kaduna state


The objective of this study is to evaluate the attitude of nurses towards computer education in St. Gerard’s catholic Hospital, Kaduna. Under the following

I. To investigate the attitude of the nurses towards computer.

ii. To determine the level of the computer knowledge among nurses

iii. To assess the nurses understanding of the benefit of computer education in      rendering nursing care to patients.

iv. To ascertain the factor contributing to attitude towards computer appreciation.

v. To serve as a reference material for further research


The finding of this research will assist the;

Nurses to gain interest in computer so as to be versatile in acquiring knowledge in      recent prevalent diseases.

Nurses to render effective nursing care to their patients using the computer.

Nurses understand the benefit of computer education.

Nurses demonstrate positive attitude towards computer education


i. What is the attitude of nurses towards computer education in St. Gerard’s catholic hospital     


ii. What is the level of computer knowledge acquired by the nurses in St. Gerard’s  

           Catholic hospital Kaduna?

iii. How will computer education benefit the nurses in rendering nursing care to   patients in St. Gerard’s catholic hospital Kaduna?

iv. What are the factors contributing to the nurse’s attitude toward computer appreciation in St. Gerard’s catholic hospital,   Kaduna?

16        SCOPE OF STUDY

This research is restricted to the attitude of nurses towards computer education in St. Gerard’s Catholic Hospital, Kaduna.

17        LIMITATION

It could have been better to cover most of the hospitals in Kaduna but due to money and time constraints, that could not be possible hence, there is limited level of investigation but the result can be generalized.


            I. Computer: it’s a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operation.

 ii. Computer knowledge: it is the ability to utilize computer and related technology efficiently with a range of skills covering levels from elementary use to programming and advanced problem solving.

iii. Computer technology: it is the knowledge used from a computer used to carry out various activities. It works easier and   fast

iv. Nursing: nursing is the protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury,    alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response and advocacy in the care of individual, families, communities and population

            v. Nurse: A nurse is a person who is trained to give care (help) to the people who are sick or injured.

               vi. Health care: it is the diagnosis, treatment and protection of disease, injuries and other physical and mental impairment in humans.

vii. Computer based patient system (CPRS): it is a system that deals with the electronic patient record specifically designed to    support uses by providing accessibility to complete an accurate data, alert, reminders, clinical decision support system, links to medical knowledge and other aids

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