Student Hostel Management System

Student Hostel Management System

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Hostel Management System is a system for managing the various activities in the hostel. It is used for managing the hostel information. It manages the student information, room information, room allocation details, fee details, mess bill details and employee details of the hostel. It is also used to generate reports of student details, fee details and mess bill details of the student. It keeps track of the number of student in the room and availability of the room. It helps organization from the manual work from which it is very difficult to find the record of the students and the mess bills of the students.

Modules: User module: This helps the administrator and visitor login to the home page only if the username and password matches. Change password module: Allows the user to change the password. Student module: – This module used to store student records. It contains the following information: i.e. Students Profile details, Contact information, Educational details, etc. The Users can search the students from the database according to different criteria such as name, Course, Room number, etc. Room allotment module: – This module will allocate a room to students according to the student’s education details, section or course. A room will allocated to a student and an ID will generate for it. Even it displays the details of the students staying in rooms. At last when student left the room its detail like Left date will also save. Room fees module: – This module which displays room fee records. Student dues status and balance amount status can be accessed here. This module also used to renew students room rent every semester. Mess module: – This module keeps track of all the transactions related to mess. The mess item expenditure for each student in the hostel is calculated for each month and the mess bill for each student calculated and displayed. Visitor’s module: – Allows adding the visitor’s details. Also able to view the visitor’s depending on various search criteria. Report generation module: – Report generation is also provided to view summarized detail regarding hostel fees and mess bill. It includes Hostel fees, Mess Inventory reports. Students can check hostel fees and mess bill by entering their Unique Hostel ID. Settings module: – Only Administrator can access this module. Administrator has a unique account with much special access permissions over normal users. This module allows administrator to add, edit or delete Warden and Employee records, Building and Block information, Room details, Course details, etc.
Scope: The Hostel Management System is used to keep track of hostel information in the organization. It is used to improve clerical services for all the students of the hostel. The system will help to the users to check the mess bills of every student and the student’s hostel dues. The main feature of this project is easy to allocate hostel rooms for the student and also easy generation of mess bill with all accuracy.

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