Online Gate Pass Management System

Online Gate Pass Management System

Online Gate Pass Management System - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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This is an online gate pass management system. With this, management of visitors and activities at the gate of an organisation or institution is absolutely easy. The system has a wide array of interesting features like: You can register gate guards as the admin who will be managing different gates.
Management of visitors, individual visitors and group visitors.
You can keep track of the entry and exit times of all visitors including staff.
You can register staff members also into the system.
Capture vehicle details.
Capture luggage details.
Approve or disapprove visitors from getting into the gate and provide reasons why.
An intuitive dashboard that gives you detailed information about the data in the system.
You can run complex queries on all data sets to get specific information at a click of a button.
Management and record keeping of gate pass details is very easy as the system uses a central database to keep details of different gates of the same institution.
Print reports and any information from the system for further reference.
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