Fruit Selling Management System

Fruit Selling Management System

Fruit Selling Management System - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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Most of us go to the markets that are present nearby to buy the fruits that are needed. It will be time consuming as well as requires more effort since manually you need to go to the market to buy the fruits. But what if you get the fruits that is required just through the online mode. Yes it is possible. The fruit selling management system will help in solving this problem. The fruit selling management system will allow the customers to select the fruits of their choice and deliver it to their homes or offices as specified by the customers.
The features that can be included in the fruit selling management system are as follows:
  • Customer database management: Once the customer logs in to the system then their database needs to be maintained. It can include the name of the customers, purchased items, address, contact number etc.
  • Fruit seller database management: There will be various fruit sellers in the city whose database must be maintained.
  • Fruits available: The availability of the fruits in the fruits shops must be specified without any confusion. It should be updated in the real time since the stocks get empty.
  • Delivery boys: Delivery boys are required for the delivery of the fruits purchased to the customers. Every delivery boy will be assigned with one area that they need to deliver their items to.
  • Category: The customers can search for the fruits based on the categories like fruit seller, region and so on.
The fruit selling management system will allow the small as well as large vendors to carry out their business very well. If the small vendors are successive in providing the reliable services then this fruit selling management system will help in gaining popularity and also increase their profit.

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