Font Management & Typography WordPress plugin

Font Management & Typography WordPress plugin

Font Management & Typography WordPress plugin - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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Design your Websites by putting type first

Use Font I Want to infuse your brand identity into your website. The font I Want is the only Professional Font Manager and Typography WordPress plugin you will ever need!

Present brand with fonts

Each brand has its own vibe and fonts are very vocal in transferring brand’s ideology into visual communication. Use Font I Want and bring your brand identity to the digital life.

Numerous font providers

Experiment with over 20,000 web fonts and stand out. With Adobe Typekit, Google Fonts, Font Squirrel and the ability to upload your own fonts, you will never run out of options.

Multi-font combinations

The font I Want allows you to easily combine and set fonts from multiple providers on all breakpoints and for each website language to achieve unparalleled uniqueness.

Most popular font providers

Google Fonts (available now)

Fully integrated Google Fonts API. Access over 800 Google fonts and use Google’s Filtering immediately upon installation. Add a Google Fonts API key and get 1-click Auto-update functionality.

Adobe Typekit

The font I Want is the easiest way to implement Typekit fonts on your website. Add Typekit token and work directly with your Kits. No need to create new kits or assign domains. The font I Want handles everything for you.

Font Squirrel

The font I Want is the only premium WordPress plugin to integrate 800+ Font Squirrel fonts. Download and Install any of the 100% commercial use fonts available on Font Squirrel directly from the Plugin.

Font upload

Unique font upload functionality. Simply drag and drop your desired fonts and FIW will sort them out for you. Do not bother with finding all the formats nor limit yourself to uploading 1 font at a time, just upload everything you’ve got and FIW will automatically detect the formats and install the fonts for you.

Font library

Font library manager

State of the art Library manager. Filter fonts by properties, supported languages, favourite fonts and search them fast. All fonts are aggregated and displayed in a single window.

Multifunctional control

Customize text in an instant. FIW tailor-made control is fast and contains all the features you need in a single window. FIW window is consistent throughout Customizer (and soon in a Text editor), so you will always be comfortable using it.


Create your own Favorites library. Save the fonts you love the most and create personal font collection to represent your brand. Mix and match fonts into a single library.


Custom CSS selectors

Add your own style presets. If default selectors are not enough, create custom selectors and assign them to any text on your website. Build a selector library with fonts, styles and modifications all saved for each selector, so you can quickly apply them on your website in future.

Full control to the tiniest of details

Apply many CSS rules to any number of CSS selectors individually. The font I Want is the most powerful Font Manager and Typography plugin on the market. Get Font I Want now to gain access to Photoshop-like text manipulations.

Breakpoints (soon)

Set individual fonts based on breakpoints. Take the next step in mobile-friendly design. With Font, I Want you can set individual fonts for each breakpoint, so you can specifically target your audience based on the devices they use. Increase brand awareness across all platforms


Webfont loader

The font I Want is a pioneering plugin that uses Webfont loader, the latest JavaScript library developed by Google and Adobe that allows rapid font loading.

Open Marco PHP framework

Professional framework for a professional tool. The font I Want is based on Openmarco’s proprietary Framework. A year of development brings exciting new features to developers and lightning-fast performance to users.

Angular 2

The font I Want is the first plugin to be based on the cutting age of Google’s Angular 2 framework.

WordPress REST API

The font I Want uses Rest API to deliver smooth User Experience without unnecessary page refreshes.

Native integrations (soon)

The font I Want covers more than standard web pages. FIW is the only plugin that manages type on multi-language and e-commerce websites.

Woocommerce support

Brand identity in your shop. Bring your product to life with a new identity and style. Set individual fonts and styles for Product names, descriptions and even categories. Transform your shop to represent your design ideas.

WPML integration

Set unique font combinations for every language on your website. Assign individual typography settings, fonts and font styles to all of your website languages. Cater to an international audience based on their language and match your identity to all world cultures. Unleash the full potential of the fonts, with Font I Want there is no need to avoid fonts that do not support all the languages. Running Multilingual site has never been that creative.

Popular themes & plugins support

Soon you’ll be able to control your texts within many (free and premium) WordPress plugins too. In addition, we’re going to create a set of CSS selectors for many popular themes too. Stay tuned!

Extra features

And we didn’t stop there. Check out all other features we have in-store for you.

Any theme and plugin

The font I Want works well with any free and premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Real-time changes

Open your WordPress Customizer and see the changes in real time

Unwanted CSS selectors

If you don’t need any custom CSS selector – just delete it.

Retina ready

All fonts from popular font providers will look good even on retina displays.

No coding skills

No coding skills required to work with the plugin’s settings.

Awesome UI design

If you buy this mint (i.e source code) now, you will get lifetime mint updates for free.

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