Design of Customer Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Design of Customer Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Design of Customer Live Chat WordPress Plugin - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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  • Chat With Your visitor in Wordpress site
  • admin can make him online or offline
  • operators (admins) can chat with each other
  • get user information IP address, country, browser and OS
  • admin can make a user on hold
  • if user not responding for time admin will allocate the system will warning him with a message and after another time of not responding the system will end chat except the user on hold by admin
  • the user can rate and comment of chat session during the chat
  • after user end chat session he can rate and comment feedback for a chat session
  • works as Gmail or Facebook like
  • sound and title alert for new messages
  • Easy to type emotions
  • If chat window is minimized, it notifies you if the new message arrived
  • the user can download chat logs
  • admin notification in admin bar if new messages and new users
  • contact form when all admins offline
  • admin can chat at any page in dashboard admin and user interface
  • admin can change user messages (welcome message – offline message … ) and fields (name-email-comments)

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