Design and Implementation ofa simple ID Card Generator System

Design and Implementation ofa simple ID Card Generator System

Design and Implementation ofa simple ID Card Generator System - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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As the name suggests, the I-D card generator system will help in generating ID cards to the employees of the enterprises or the students of the institutions with great ease. This application will help in having only one ID card for a person. This will also ensure that there is no forgery in the generation of the ID card. It will help in generating a huge bulk of ID cards without any confusion. It will help in detecting any forgery that is done in the ID – card generation. This will be one of the unique and interesting projects that one can work on and get good marks in the examination.
The features that can be included in the I-D card generation system are as follows:
  • Database management of the employees or students: The ID cards can be generated in bulk for the employees or the students who are need of it.
  • Unique identity: I-D cards will give unique identity to each and every person in the organization or the institution.
  • No forgery: There will be no forgery in the ID card generation for the students or the employees. This will be unique for each and every person.
  • Features: This application will help in providing various features like quick photo assignment on-screen crop and rotate camera, folders/gallery, database, data entry and so on.
In the enterprises there will be something called as visitors id. Even this visitors ID can be created then and there in the name of the particular visitor itself. This system will help enterprises issue ID cards with ease. One such project will see that no one gets more than one ID card. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. This will be a useful project for the enterprises and the institutions which will reduce their work.

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