Design and Implementation of a Customer’s Complaint Traker System

Design and Implementation of a Customer’s Complaint Traker System

Design and Implementation of a Customer’s Complaint Traker System - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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Each and every institution or the organizations will be having some or the other defect in managing the smooth running of the management. Sometimes there are organizations that refuse to listen to the complaints of the employees. Such organizations will not behave in a friendly manner with the employees. But it is the duty of the organizations or the institution to listen to the complaints of the employees and then correct it by taking some suggestive measures. Then it will help in the smooth functioning of the management. The Customer’s Complaint Traker System project will help in taking in the complaints of the employees or students of the organizations or institutions.
Many institutions or the organizations will be having the system of feedback. It may be the feedback related to any matter that is concerned with the organization. This complaint management system will act as the feedback system given by the employees of the organization. Some of the features that it can include are as follows:
  • Employee management system: The employee list can be maintained in the system to get the complaints that is given by the various employees.
  • Category of complaints: The employees can lodge the complaints based on different categories like infrastructure, work environment, system problem, about management rules etc.
  • Suggestions list: The employees can also give their suggestions on various matters through this application with great ease.
Sometimes the feedback that is given through the pen and paper method will not be even seen. They might throw them to the dustbin itself. The higher authorities will not be known about the problems that the employees may be facing. If the problems of the people are not solved then there might be a situation where the employees will have to leave the organization and search for other good organizations.

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