Crime File Management System In Visual Basic [Source Code]

Crime File Management System In Visual Basic [Source Code]

Crime File Management System In Visual Basic [Source Code] - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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Crime is one factor that is increasing day by day. It hinders the progress of the country. The police department has to a lot of pen paper work in order to record the crimes committed by the criminal. In order to get the details of the particular criminal then the police constables need to search in a huge heap of books where their records are being stored. There is no security provided to the data. To solve these problems, the crime file management application is of great help. The police department can use this application to file FIR, crimes, charge sheets, complaints, prisoners record and many other details. It can also keep track of police constable information, reports, overtime etc
Programming language:
  • Front End: VB.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server
The features that can be included in this application are as follows: Prisoners details: The details of the prisoners like name, crime committed, number of years of punishment and many information can be provided through this application. Security: Since data is directly entered into the system, security is provided to the data entered. Most wanted criminals details: The details of the most wanted criminals can be obtained in just one mouse click. Law and order details: The law and order details can also be obtained through this application. Court details: The details of the judgment provided by the particular court can be stored with great ease. Police constable information: The details of the police constables like name, attendance, over time duty and many other details can be obtained Ease of access: Any details regarding crime matters can be obtained with just one mouse click. Reports: The reports can be generated based on the daily or monthly basis just on one mouse click. Attendance details: The attendance details of the police constables can also be maintained through this application with great ease.

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