College Notes Gallery Management System

College Notes Gallery Management System

College Notes Gallery Management System - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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College Notes Gallery
A notes management system which helps users to upload, download and manage notes of their particular course.
The whole system is coded in core PHP and MySqli.
Requirements: PHP 5.3 or higher recommended
Ability to write a .htaccess file for Apache mod_rewrite
Installation: Upload College-Notes-Gallery to the directory of your choice.
Import MySql Db file to your database software (E.g: phpMyAdmin )
Configure the connection to your database and server by modifying the connection.php file
Navigate to the installation in your browser
Done :)
Login Details: Admin:
username: root
password: admin root
username: user
password: userpass

Main Features: Multiple user access: Allows multiple types of users(teacher/student/admin) to log in
Functional Admin panel: Allows admins to manage the whole system
CRUD functionalities: Allows all users to create, read, update and delete their notes in a managed format
Profile update option: Allows users to update their profile/account details
Secure registration and login option for users
Allows students and teachers to download/upload their course notes easily
Allows users to recover their password using forgot password option

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