Apartment management system using PHP

Apartment management system using PHP

Apartment management system using PHP - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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Nowadays, the apartments are increasing day by day. People coming from abroad in order to settle down in the city, they will not be knowing the information about the apartments. As the name suggests, the apartment management system allows a person to search for the apartment in the particular region. It will also help in maintaining the information of the people in the particular apartment, number of apartments available and so on. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. This application will help in reducing the pen paper work through which we store the details of the people who stay in the apartments. Their details can be obtained just in one click and with great ease. This will be one of the interesting projects that one can work on and implement in real time since it will be very useful to the owners of the apartments to maintain the details of the people with great ease.
Background : This project is developed for a reputed construction company in the city. This company built many apartments in this city and they have a plan to construct many other apartments in the city. Presently they maintain all records manually, to keep track of sales, receipts, installments, maintenance etc., The company is constructing many apartments every year, now it is very difficult to manage all the data manually, also if some information is required urgently then to obtain this is very difficult. To solve this problem now they are looking for better alternative solution. Proposed System :  To manage all the transactions we proposed herewith a software solution which will take care all the necessary transactions. On implementation of this software it will help them in many ways. The present system will have the following modules.
  1. Apartment details
  2. Block Details
  3. Individual Apartment Details
  4. Apartment Owner Details
  5. Apartment Allotment Details
  6. Installment Receipts
  7. Monthly Maintenance expenses
  8. Monthly Maintenance bill generation
  9. Monthly Maintenance receipt
  10. Reports
Scope : This project will help the builder to manage day to day transactions very easily. By making it as a general project we can sell this project to many builders. The features that can be included in the apartment management system are as follows:
  • People database management: The details of the people who stay in the particular apartment can be stored in the database through the use of this application.
  • Apartment availability: The details of the apartment that is available in the particular area or region can be updated with great ease.
  • Real time updation: The details of the apartment has been occupied or emptied, it should be updated in real time.
  • Rent or lease: The details of the apartment whether it is for rent or lease can also be updated with ease.
  • Report: The details of the maintenance reports like the monthly reports can be generated through this application.
  • Apartment details: The details of the apartment, owner details , area and the price details of the apartment can be maintained through this application.
Programming Language:
  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL Server

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