Angular 6 and Material, Database with Firebase & Firestore

Angular 6 and Material, Database with Firebase & Firestore

Angular 6 and Material, Database with Firebase & Firestore - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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Angular 6

This app is starter for angular 6 and materialize.
Ademo is online :
After extract the zip on your terminal pres the command $ npm install for install all packages and dependecies.
Run $ ng serve for host the app on your local.
Run $ ng build for deploy the static files or $ ng build --prod for production mode.
The tecnologies used on this app.For database i used firestore and firebase and if not are familiar please for to Documentation.
The package of firebase for angular is angularfire2.
For using the firebase app please go to  src/environment/environment.ts and  src/environment/ and change this variables value:
  1. export const environment = {
  2. production: false,
  3. firebase: {
  4. apiKey: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  5. authDomain: "",
  6. databaseURL: "<a href="",
  7. " rel="nofollow">",
  8. </a> projectId: "projectid",
  9. storageBucket: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  10. messagingSenderId: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  11. }
  12. };
Deploy app to firebase host
Before that you must install the firebase tools client
$ npm install -g firebase-tools
Initialize the firebase.json  $ firebase init
Deploy to your site  $ firebase deploy
For more info go to Host Firebase Documentation

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