Android Local Train Ticketing Project

Android Local Train Ticketing Project

Android Local Train Ticketing Project - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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Booking the tickets of a local train is considered as one of the hectic and a tedious job. Most of you have gained experience of booking a local train ticket manually. The first thing that strikes about ticket booking at the railway station is the long queues that we need to wait in order to obtain the tickets. Fill the information in the form about the number of people travelling, destination and the timings. The seat numbers and the receipt will be issued. So much tasks must be done in order obtain the train ticket. But these problems will be solved if the Android local train ticketing project.
The Android local train ticketing project will allow the users to book their train tickets online without having to wait in queues for a long time. They will be able to select the available seats that they need, do the payment online and also obtain the receipt of payment. The user interface that is developed must be user friendly. It should be simple and easy to understand. Anybody can book the tickets from anywhere and at anytime. People who go to work will find very difficult in booking the train tickets as they have to wait in queues for a long time. A user can login to this application, book the train ticket, print the ticket and travel by train. It will also provide the option of selecting whether the user wants single journey ticket and whether he wants the first class or second class ticket. This application needs regular updation of the railway fares and tariffs. The features that can be included in this application are as follows:
  • Customer database management: The details of the customers who have booked the tickets can be stored easily through this application with great ease.
  • Source and destination: The source and destination of the customer travelling in a train can be stored.
  • Ticket price: The price of the ticket that the customer is travelling can be also stored in this application.
MODULES: Given are the modules for Android local train ticketing project: 1.)    TRAIN SCHEDULE MODULE: All the schedules of the train such as arriving time, departure time etc are displayed in this module. This module is being updated timely. 2.)    TICKET WINDOW MODULE: Booking of the tickets are done in this window by the user. 3.)    USER MODULE: User, in order to buy tickets for their journey, needs to make account first and then they can book as many tickets as they can. 4.)    ADMIN MODULE: All the updates and issuing of the tickets are done using this module. Admin also updates all the user’s about their payment and ticket status. 5.)    PAYMENT MODULE: Payment of the tickets, that are booked are done using this module. Payment status will be updated via message to the user. Software Requirements ·         Andorid software development kit (SDK) ·         Java Development Kit (JDK) ·         Notepad ·         Android debug bridge ·         Windows XP   Hardware Requirements ·         Hard Disk – 2 GB. ·         RAM – 1 GB. ·         Processor – Dual Core or Above. ·         Monitor. ·         Printer. ·         Keyboard ·         Mouse     Technologies used in the android local train ticketing project ·         Java ·         Android ·         Basic4Android ·         SQL ·         Kivy ·         Ms SQL Server

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