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Housing represent one of the most basic human needs as a unit of environment, it was a profound influence on the health, efficiencies, social behavior, satisfaction and general welfare of the communality (Onibokun,1998). To most groups, housing means shelter but to others, it means more as it severs as one of the best indicator of a person’s standard of living and his or her place in the society (Nubi,2008). It is a priority for the attainment of living standard and it is important to both rural and urban areas. These attributes make demand for housing to known no bounds as population grows. As urbanization increase rapidly, the gap between housing need and supply become widened. Cultural factors such as preferences, valves, social status, taste, financial resources, and family demography influence home physical characteristics. In Nigeria, poor housing delivery has been attributed to inadequate mechanisms and systems for land allocation, funding, mortgage institutions and infrastructure (Aluko and Amid, Oladdapo, 2001, Aluko and olawumi, 2002)  the necessity of housing and low potential power  to out rightly acquire properties, necessitates the idea of rental housing for every citizen. Residential rental properties can be of various classes. Lawal (2002), classified residential house based on flats, apartment etc. housing affordability establishes the relationship between people and housing in monetary terms and at a deeper  level   the link between social and economic systems and the quest for satisfaction of basic human needs that is not merely monetary ( stone, 1993). Public rental housing in Nigeria appears to be failing in aspect of rent, quality and thus the need for government intervention for improvement. Against this backdrop, this study examines the pace and issues in rental housing in Kaduna Nigeria. Housing management entails looking for tenants, rent collection  maintenance to make sure that the million of housing are intact  dealing with tenants complaints, paying necessary bills (both statutory and commercial), ensuring valve for money, watching over their belonging etc. housing management means the physical, administrative or financial maintenance and  management of real property, or the supervision of such activities for a fee, commission or other compensation or valuable consideration pursuant to a housing management agreement. (Nevada state Real Division,2008). It is the process of management of real property that is available for lease by maintaining and handling all the day to day activities that are centered around the piece of real estate housing is also necessary in public housing to keep the housing in a tenable condition and good state of health. Internal part of properties as well as external parts require proper maintenance their valves. Without a proper property management decay will set in and property will depreciate in valve. Housing management can therefore be defined as the process of keeping housing in a good state of health, devoid of decay and in other to enhance the valve of the housing, yielding optimum returns on investment.


Management of property is a professional work requiring the skills and expertise of consultant trainee in the field of Estate Management. Obodoh C.M (2009) However, due to some basic misconceptions many untrained people venture into management of estates as is the case in many other profession in which untrained and unskilled people create problems, the result of which is often unimaginable the effect of lack of skill and training on the part of management is as disastrous to public as it is in private housing. This is because private allow near maximum freedom to the property managers, trained and therefore skilled management will result to a very well maintained and positive result oriented investment in public property. It is however, obvious that where even trained and skilled management are in place in public property, the result is not the same. S.M Kura (2014) The problem of public sector housing scheme does not only affects the provision of housing in the state but also its maintenance. Here, it is not an exaggeration to say that most of the government own housing estates and quarters are in the state of disrepair. This may not be unconnected with the inability of the state government to implement the owner occupier housing scheme. This is because if this policy is implemented, occupants of these houses will take responsibility of maintaining the houses because it is their own. Hence, the problem of this research work is to identify the reason(s) for these   
shortcomings and their effect(s) on the management of Nuhu Bamalli polytechnic staff housing.


                                i.            What is the condition of the housing in study area?

                              ii.            What are the management strategies employed by the institution?

                            iii.            What are the causes of housing problems in the study area?   


The aim of this study is to assess the level of the management of Nuhu Bamalli                 polytechnic housing with a view to identify solution to effective management in staff              housing of Nuhu Bamalli polytechnic main campus (UPE) and annex campus             respectively.


In order to archive the above aim the following objectives are considered as follow:-

                                        i.            To evaluate the condition of the staff housing in the study area.

                                      ii.            To examine the management policy of the staff housing in the study area

                                    iii.            To identify the causes of housing problem in the study area


This research work will be of Benefit to so many people:-

First, the study will be of great importance to the government and it parastatal and more especially the physical planning department because the findings of this work will expose them to the effects of certain controls in the management of their properties.

Second, the study is beneficial to the occupants of the Nuhu Bamalli polytechnic staff housing because the recommendations of the study if implemented will make the management of these staff housing live up to expectation and attend to their problems more diligently.

Third, the Estate Surveyors and Valuers will equally benefit from the study since the findings and recommendation will educate them more on how to perform their functions with less stress when involved in management of public estates.

Finally, this work will be beneficial to students of Estate Management in higher     institutions who may be researching on related topic.

            SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The study will cover two campuses of Nuhu Bamalli polytechnic staff housing main campus and annex campus staff housing respectively, within available time and resources the researcher is constraint to limit area of study some selected houses in the study area


Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic came into being on the 2nd of February, 1989 wide Kaduna state Edict no 3. (Subsequently Amended in 2004). The Edict charged the polytechnic to among other things provide for training and development of techniques in applies science, engineering and commerce as well as in other spheres of leaning. The polytechnic courses of instruction (in full time and part-time) leading to the Award of Diplomas, Certificates, National Diplomas, Higher National Diplomas and others distinctions of scientific, technological and other subject are available at all times in order to meet the requirements of state and the manpower need of the country.

Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic is located along Kaduna express way Zaria, Kaduna. The school has three campuses which are: - main campus (upe) is along Kaduna express way Zaria, annex campus is in Gaskiya, Zaria and Samaru Kataf campus is in Samaru Kataf local government, Kaduna.


   Map of Kaduna state Showing Zaria LGA.

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