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The project research was carried out to produce a macerated oil using locally available raw materials which were coconut oil and carrot and to determine it’s physiochemical properties by characterizing. The macerated oil result obtained from the laboratory experiments shows that the acid value for sample A is 4.7, sample B is 5.6 and Sample C is 6.4 for the saponification value sample A 85.8, sample B 82.6 and form sample C 174.49. The iodine values gotten were; for sample A 15.49 sample B 19.5 and sample C 83.3. The free fatty acid for the samples were; sample A 2.35, sample B2.78 and sample C 3.2, specific gravity for sample A 1.29 sample B 1.321 and for sample C 1.863. The texture for sample A, B and C were oily. After the physiochemical results were determined and were compared to the standards for macerated oils, sample C shows to be the best of the three samples and can be used in aromatherapy, as cosmetic ingredients and in perfumery.




Oil can be defined as any greasy substance that is liquid at room temperature and insoluble in water. Oil is derived mainly from two source namely Animals and plants.

In plants they are mostly found in storage organs like the seed while in Animal, they occur mainly in form of adipose tissue and in all components of the cells.

Macerated oil is a vegetable oil that is used in the same manner as a solvent or a base oil in order to extract the fat soluble properties of other botanical materials and become infused with their therapeutic properties, for this reason macerated oil is sometimes referred to as infused oil. The most commonly used base oil is olive or sunflower oils. When infusing herbs dried botanicas are used in order to prevent the risk of microbial infection from wet botanicas. Macerated oils are produced through the use of a base oil and a plant or fruit the base oil or carrier oil can include (coconut, sunflower, olive, John what oil etc).

Maceration oils are made from plants that are grown in gardens and other plantations or from organic raw materials shipped from around the world. The oils are created in an ancient method by maceration technique has been proven to be a very precise technique. Maceration oils are essential oil but more, as they have all the fat soluble parts of the plant and resins that are too large to be distilled into essential oils compounds. The scent is not always as strong as the essential oil but the essential oil properties are still there. (Davis, 2013).

Oil is generally liquid under ordinary room temperature and those that exist as solids are called fats. Carrots are not just for kitchen anymore, not only are they goor the body inside out but carrots are very helpful in building soft, supple skin and aiding in hair growth. Instead of using commercially prepared lotions and shampoos which all contain preservatives and chemicals, it is better to use natural oil, like wise reduces the risk of unwanted allergic reactions.

Carrier oils have been used since the time of ancient Greece and Rome when aromatic oils were used in massages, baths, cosmetics and medicinal applications. In the 1950's Marguerite Maury, the first person to use individually prescribed combinations of essential oils for the individual's deserved therapeutic benefits, began diluting essential oil in a vegetable carrier oil and massaging them into skin by using a Tibetan technique that applies pressure along the spine.

Carrier oil is a term generally used in the context of aromatherapy and cosmetic recipes for natural skin and hair care. It refers to base oils that dilute essential oil before topical application as the latter are much too potent to apply directly to the skin.

1.2     AIM

This Research project was aimed at production of macerated oil with a blended composition of carrier oil and carrots


i.        Sourcing and preparation of the raw material: carrot and coconut oil

ii.       Infusion of the carrier oil with carrot

iii.      Characterization of the finished product


This research work covers the processes of blending the carrot and the carrier oil which is coconut oil to give a unique oil of specific properties at different temperatures, characterization of the blended oil and comparison with the acceptable standard.


The use of moisturizing oils in the society today cannot be over emphasized especially during hamattan as it helps in protecting the skin against the harsh weather conditions. However, most of these skin formulas are made from synthetic chemicals which might have some side effects like cancer on the skin. Previous research works were only focus on improving these formulations without considering the negative effects on the skin. Therefore, this Research project was carried out to formulate a good skin oil using natural available raw materials so as to reduced the effects of synthetic chemicals in most commercial skin formulations.


This research work will help cosmetics industries and individuals in reducing the effect of synthetic chemicals on the skin of customers thereby reducing the alarming rate of skin related problems such as cancer.

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