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1.0                                                     INTRODUCTION

Rotary  Slashers  is  an  agricultural  machine,  which  is  used  for  cutting unwanted  grass.  These  rotary  slashers  are  joined  through  jigs,  fixtures  & dies,  thus  ensure  joining  accuracy  as  well  as interchangeability.  It  has heavy  duty  gear  boxes  and  rugged  frame  which  can  withstand  rough  and tough  wild  grass,  anchored  straw  and  bushes.  It  is  designed  for  fast application  to  any  type  of  5080  HP  tractor  with  three point  linkage. (, 2018).  

Rotary slasher are generally have an opening by the side of the housing through which cut grasses expelled. The blade is seldom Sharp enough to give a neat cutting point.The blade simply cut the grass resulting in brown tips.However the horizontal blades are easy to removed and sharpen or replace. Base on the energy source , the tractor power take off shaft is use to transfer power to the implement.

(, 2018).

1.1                                                     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

This project deals with the rejuvenation of rotary slasher slasher which was broken down for a while in the workshop due to some mechanical fault. We aimed at restoring the rotary slasher to good operative,effective and also make it to serve the purpose.

Rehabilitation of rotary slasher means to the process involved in repairing and rejuvenation of a broken down rotary slasher in other to restore it back to normal working condition. Due to high global economic set back today, a lot of people find it difficult when it comes in term of rehabilitation of broken down machine, implement part or the machine as a whole and hence serve as an alternative to purchasing new one.

1.2                                                     STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

A physical inspection was carried out on the scrapped and abandoned rotary slasher to access the problems of the implement. After inspection and diagnosed. It was discovered that the following faults were detected.

       i.            The oil seal was damaged

     ii.            The slip clutch safety guard was missing

  iii.            The blades is blunt, require resharpening

  iv.            The center hitch pin was missing

     v.            The bolts and nuts on the blade need replacement

1.3                                                     AIM AND OBJECTIVE

1.3.1                                                  AIM

       i.            The aim of this project is to acquire practical knowledge on the rehabilitation process of a rotary slasher

     ii.            To make the implement functional

  iii.            To highlight on the advantages of good maintenance culture

1.3.2                                                  OBJECTIVE

       i.            To inspect the implement

     ii.            To diagnose and detect the fauts in the rotary slasher

  iii.            To estimate the requirements for the rehabilitation

  iv.            To rehabilitate and test implement

     v.            To provide additional implement to the department.

1.4                                                     SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

Is to have practical knowledge and experience of what is been thought in the classroom and also have idieas on the maintenance to add to the number of good equipment in the department.

This project would not only help in the rehabilitating the rotary slasher, but will help in correcting the maintenance of the implement, broadens the students technical knowledge of the implement hereby increasing their interest the field.

1.5                                                     SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The scope of this project is the precurment, purchase and replacement of the defectives parts in the rotary slasher and to extend the functionality of the implement in the department.

1.6.1                                                  DEFINITION OF TERMS

       i.            MACHINERY

This is a group of powerful multipurpose engine powered machines or device on which implement are mounted or attached for their operations. This device require skills to operate, example tractors, bulldozer, milking machine, etc.They are often heavy duty machines adopted for large scale mechanized farming.

     ii.            EQUIPMENT

These are lower machines or advanced implements that require both skilled and unskilled labour for their operation.They range from simple hand held apparatus to complex ones designed a specific work.

  iii.            IMPLEMENT

These are higher and larger tools or devices that are attached to or mounted on animals or machines used in farming operation. Without the aid of these machines or animals,implements cannot function on there own.They are made up of material especially iron for a specific purpose in the farming operation.example ,ploughs, shearing blade,harrow, Rodgers,cultivators, tiller.etc that are attached to the tractor use in mechanized farming

1.6.2                                                  CLASSIFICATION OF IMPLEMENT

Agricultural implement can be further classified according to how the drive power from the power unite the can be further classified into four major unit namely.

                      i.            FULLY MOUNTED IMPLEMENT

Fully mounted implement are machines that drive all power required for work from the prime mover,such machine is mounted is mounted on the tractor's three point linkage and can be lowered or lifted using a tractor hydraulics system. Example of fully mounted implement include rotary slasher,plough, subsoiler, disc harrow etc.

                   ii.            SEMI-MOUNTED IMPLEMENT

These is an implement that is partially supported by the tractor and partially supported by own wheel.such implement has only one pair of wheel, usually at the back while the front is supported by the tractor draw bar.example of such implement includes planter,sprayers,and fertilizer drills

                 iii.            TRAIL IMPLEMENT

These are implement that is attached to the tractor through the draw bar which provide a towing or pull force but can not support the weight of the implement .such implement include tractor trailer use for transportation.

                 iv.            SELF PROPELLED IMPLEMENT

This is a machine this is self propelled and has his own engine and tyre for support. It does not depend on the tractor for power and support.

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