Reasons final year projects can be annulled, repeated or marked for correction.

Reasons final year projects can be annulled, repeated or marked for correction.

The last stage to check the performance of final year projects students is right in front of an academic defense panel who would stare at you consistently with disdain, hoping you fumble or at least make confident efforts to impress them. It’s in this tensed scenario that your performance is graded including the content of your final year projects and systemic procedures. While some get excellent grades, some good and fair; others are lucky to be sent back for necessary corrections or unfortunate to be marked for a repeat or even have the entire research annulled.

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Ofcourse not without reasons are these actions taken; that’s what we are about to discuss. If I were you, I would pick a pen and take note; you don’t want be a victim, do you? Quickly, let’s check out some very good reasons final year projects can be either annulled, marked for a repeat or for corrections.

Your project can be annulled or marked for corrections if:-

Your research does not correspond with your project topic

Well, I have witnessed a lot of cases so it’s not news that students can deliberately and selectively pick a totally different research material, paraphrase it and tag it alongside a project topic that seems similar not realizing the differences in variables and systematic procedures for various research topics.

If the research Methodology is wrong            

Yeah, that’s right. Maybe deliberately or not, you decided to choose to adopt the easiest research Methodology to ease your research stress. Truth is, it will affect your research outcome and makes it even more complicated. A project can be annulled for this reason and marked for a repeat.

If the table of analysis is not coherent

Data analysis is really tasking and statistical and so students find no interest putting too much energy on it. So its always a trap where many are caught and victimized. You research can be marked for correction if your data analysis is not coherent and comprehensive because the outcome influences the research findings.

If the research procedures was not religiously followed

Research is very rigorous and deliberate and so it requires a systemic approach but when such approach is overlooked in anyway, it is treated with audacity.

If the research is guilty of plagiarism

You are bound to be sent back and make necessary acknowledgment, citation and references if your research has not done so. Plagiarism is very big offence in the academic terrain you have to take the blame if you are caught.

If the questions on the research survey does not mirror the research objectives

I noted earlier that research is very religious in following procedures. If you are using a questionnaire for your research,  the questions much mirror the same in the research questions and objectives else, it will be tagged as a deviation from the research purpose. You may be sent back for corrections or a repeat of the entire data gathering process.