Paypal Express Client-Side Checkout

Paypal Express Client-Side Checkout

Paypal Express Client-Side Checkout - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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Getting Started

First, we need the jQuery library, Bootstrap for a better design to our app and Sweet Alert for a successful transaction alert. I've included these files in the downloadable of this tutorial but if you want, you can download them yourself using the links below:
For jQuery

Preparing our Sandbox Accounts

Next, we need to prepare two sandbox accounts (merchant and buyer). Sandbox accounts are paypal development accounts that you can use to test the integration of paypal payments before going live.
We are going to use our created merchant account to create our App and the buyer account to buy products to our App.

Creating our App

1. Go to Paypal Developer Page and login with your paypal account. 2. After a successful login, on Dashboard menu, click My Apps & Credentials, input necessary info and click Create App button.

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