Online Voting System Using PHP

Online Voting System Using PHP

 Online Voting System Using PHP - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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This is a PHP web-based project; Online Voting is one of the credible ways to conduct voting in the 21st century, although there are several security threats based on how secure a voting system can be against hackers and other online intruders, well, no system does not have challenges, despite the fact that this technology is still not widely spread and used, its stands out to give credible results because an online voting system can be made to record all possible information about a person who wants to vote, the device that person uses, the type of connection and medium of connection to the internet, even the software that aids in the connection can all be captured in real-time thereby making online voting a hitch free and crowd free credible means of conducting election and saving worthwhile time as more than one person can vote at a time and no queue is required.

This web-based PHP application is built for minor online election purposes, it can be worked upon to conduct even more demanding and heavy election exercises.
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