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In this competitive era, our tertiary institutions graduates millions of student yearly, with these number increasing, jobs for them are now decreasing. The companies even want the people who are best in their fields. At that time, it becomes difficult to find the people who are intelligent enough to be hired. The work for the companies also increases to find the people who can fulfill their requirements. Thinking about these problems, one can think about the process which can handle this process and make the work less complex. This project is about the recruitment process which is done online. The recruitment process here is handled by the system. This project will allow the person to apply for a job in the company for the interested vacancy which would be available at the company. The person will be having the account after registration and will be then called the job seeker. If he would be qualified, he would be interacting with the system for the updates. The project is created for fulfilling the requests of the company seeking so that the recruitment module can be placed in the company’s website and the users who visit the website can view the vacancies in the company and will be able to apply directly from remote place even. The vacancies will be posted by the administrator on the basis of needs of the manpower in the company.


  • Registration and Login
  • Create and update user profile
  • Jobs Manager
  • Applications Manager
  • Users can see recent jobs added
  • Users can add a project and recieve investments from investors and comments from other users
  • Articles pages
  • Profile page
Admin Features
  • Manage Users
  • Application manager
  • Reports manager
  • Categories manager
  • Articles Manager

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