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This study takes a critical look at the language technique of Alain Robbe-Grillet in his novel La Jalousie. The novel shows certain interesting cases of syntactic deviations in French language. However, syntactic deviations are sentence structures that do not conform strictly to the standard norms of language. In the concept of the New Novel, it is the human conscience that speaks, that is, it is the imagination of the character. Based on the concept, we discussed language and thought because the two are linked together. The objective of the study is to appreciate the enormous linguistic particularities characterizing the language complexity of Robbe-Grillet, as seen through his characters. In order to carry out this research, we adopted the structuralist approach and the generative approach precisely to analyse the work. This approach, created by Chomsky, discusses the generation of sentences through intuition. We were able to identify elliptic and interrupted kind of sentences in the novel. We equally identified the use of the “pre-verbal pronoun”, which could not have existed in French language. This study shows how a writer could manipulate the use of language for a particular purpose. From our analysis, is pertinent to note that language is surely not static and it could be used in different forms to express individual thought. Robbe-Grillet in La Jalousie frowns at the awesome destruction of lives and property during the time of the world wars, which, not only destroyed all the existing structures put in place by the bourgeoisie of the 18th and 19th centuries but also the literary works. These destructions are reflected by the author’s particular use of the negative sentences which do not confirm with the standard norms of French language.


L’écriture peut être considérée comme l’ensemble des œuvres écrites qu’un auteur

utilise pour véhiculer un message. On peut dire que l’écriture est une expérience d’un

auteur d’une société donnée, alors que cette expérience est sentie à travers une lecture des

écritures de l’auteur. Nous parlons donc de la littérature. La littérature est une histoire mise

en rapport explicatif avec la vie sociale. Cette explication est en rapport avec les vices

sociaux. Il existe trois genres littéraires à savoir : la prose, le drame et la poèsie. Parmi ces

genres, nous nous intéressons à la prose qui est une forme de discours écrit ou oral. C’est le

discours règulier tel qu ‘on l’emploie à l’écrit ou à l’oral. On ne parle pas comme la poèsie

mais on parle la prose. On parle de la langue telle qu’elle se présente &ag

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