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These days’ people normally have to address large gathering at a time and an efficient means of communication has to be used, if not, the massage would not be understood. This fact led us into this project which was explained fully in due course. The project is



          The basic principle in the operation of an audio amplifier involves the increase of a low signal to a very high spinal so that it is head by human ear. The increase of a low spinal involves the use of transistor. The transistor is an active device in amplification, and plays a very big roll in the design and contraction, of the amplifier. The success in the use of transistor depends on how well the transistors are based. The method of biasing transistors are discussed as we progress in this write up.


          A speaker can be defined as a transducer used to convert electrical signals into a non- electrical signal I .e (sound). It is, mage up of a permanent magnet and diagram which vibrate the sounding air in accordance with the electrical signals passed through it. It is the cast stage in the functioning of the system, where the amplified signal is heard by the listener. A times speaker is said to be an electro-acoustic frequency signal to corresponding sound signals. It converts the varying amplitude dc into sound wave.

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