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The aim of the research is to find out the reactions of parents towards their children's education in view of the present level of unemployment opportunities in Wamakko Local Government area of Sokoto state. It will seek to find out whether parents consider education nowadays as a waste of human and financial resources in view Of unemployment problem. In addition, this research will investigate whether parents attach any importance to the education of their female children in view of present unemployment problems. It will further seek to know unemployment has effect on parental view as regards the type of courses children will read. In order to find out all these problems, the researchers will formulate questionnaires for the parents to fill, at the same time the researchers will make keen and practical observations in the course of administering the questionnaires. In analyzing the questionnaire, simple random techniques will be used for easy comprehension. At the end, the researchers will finds out whether the present lack of employment opportunities affects all parents or not because some of the parents send their children to school for the sake of Education. The research will show a strike of balance between those parents who consider the education as a waste of human material resources and those who do not. Finally, we will discover whether unemployment have effect on the parental view in the type of courses they would like their children to read as most parents prefer their children to study medicine.




The researchers wish to investigate the employment problem in connection with the first time job seekers that graduated from the post secondary schools, between the years of 2009 to 2012 and the reaction of the parent in general towards (as seems to them) government crude policy on the freeze on employment.

If one flashes back to those old good days about 1966 to early 1989, one would see that employment opportunity were available. So much so that those who had the opportunity and patiently underwent all the deals, it look to survive the primary and secondary education above all university education, were the cynosure and reference point of the people.

They become the focus of their people, and much pride till the hearts of their parent whenever they are being discussed. In essence, there educated one just like the messiahs to their people in particular had their community in general.

This is because the parent knew that these products of western education were viable and were also men of hope for better living standard. Everything is expected to be under their disposition; a good job, a car, high status and above all respectability. The educated ones were seen as the beacons that would shine through the goony darkness that enshrine the fate of some peasant farmers in the society.

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