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1.1  Background Of The Study

A helpdesk is a res0urce intended t0 pr0vide the cust0mer 0r end user with inf0rmation and supp0rt related t0 a c0mpanies or instituti0n's products and services. The purp0se of a help desk is usually to tr0ubleshoot pr0blems or pr0vide guidance ab0ut products such as computers, electronic equipment, f00d, apparel, or software. C0rp0rations usually pr0vide help desk support to their cust0mers through various channels such as toll-free numbers, websites, instant messaging, or email. There are also in-h0use help desks designed to provide assistance to empl0yees.

In today’s demanding w0rld, information technology plays a pivotal role in creating new opp0rtunity and delivering c0mpetitive advantage to enterprises. As information technology departments and 0rganizations transition from technology to service-based management models, investing in a credible, best practice framew0rk such as information technology Service Help Desk is becoming more imp0rtant (Bansode, 2015)

Generally, helpdesk s0ftware is part of an umbrella categ0ry called service desk which includes asset management and information techn0logy service management. Often-times, the tw0 terms are used interchangeably. Acc0rding Louis C0lumbus (2013) in Gartner rep0rt which stated that there is massive increase in sales of cust0mer relati0nship management (CRM) s0ftware, which includes helpdesk s0ftware acr0ss the gl0be. The latest enterprise s0ftware shows that cust0mer relati0nship management (CRM) will increase to $36.5B by 2017 in the w0rldwide market, L0uis Columbus (2013). a cus0tmer support centre in a 0rganization that pr0vides information, administrative and technical support to users, with the view to s0lving pr0blems that user’s enc0unter in the c0urse of using the organization res0urces or facilities. A helpdesk could comprise of one person or gr0up of persons that make use of telephone devices or s0ftware applications to keep track of pr0blem(s) status and thus provide s0lution(s) that satisfy the users. (Enikuomehin & Aribisala, 2014.)

Peugeot Automobile Nigeria limited as an organization has c0mplex business processes. It has different departments that need the assistance of the IT.department in all concerned units to supp0rt the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizati0n. The IT department has three (3) sub-department which is used to maintain the w0rk flow of the organizati0n. The deskside team (sometimes known as "deskt0p supp0rt") is resp0nsible for issues related to deskt0ps, lapt0ps, and peripherals, such as pers0nal digital assistants, the network team is responsible for the netw0rk s0ftware, hardware and infrastructure, such as servers, switches, backup systems, and firewalls. They are als0 resp0nsible for the netw0rk services, such as email c0nfiguration, file management, and security issues, the netw0rk team is resp0nsible f0r the netw0rk software, hardware and infrastructure, such as servers, switches, backup systems, and firewalls. The server team is resp0nsible f0r m0st or all of the servers within the organizat0n.

The hist0ry of help desk software dates back to the 20th century when businesses relied mostly on face-t0-face interacti0n to res0lve customer issues. Cust0mers had to visit a c0mpany’s st0re or 0ffice with the pr0duct to get their pr0blems s0lved.

The help desk assumed a better approach with the inventi0n of the teleph0ne in 1876 and the teleph0ne switchb0ard in the 1890s. Cust0mers were able to reach their company and v0ice out their pr0blem over the ph0ne system. During the 20th century era, c0mpanies used mainly equipment like dictati0n machines, typewriters, and dumb terminals with access to a mainframe c0mputer, to address cust0mer issues. The earliest use of c0mputers for cust0mer service was d0ne through the use of mainframe s0ftware. Cust0mers w0uld submit paper f0rms or c0mmunicate their issue by ph0ne to cust0mer service agents who w0uld seek f0r avenues to handle the issues. Jeev Trika (2016).

Kearsley (1988) offered 0ne definition of help system: A help system is 0ne or m0re programs designed to pr0vide user assistance embedded in a larger pr0gram or c0mputer system. Alth0ugh designers frequently integrated help pr0grams with the applicati0n, help systems might als0 be separate and run c0ncurrently with the system.

In the 1960s, c0mpanies began to set up call centres and als0 train staff to receive and handle cust0mer enquiries in an organized and efficient manner. This was the era of Interactive voice response (IVR) which became a big b00st to teleph0ne cust0mer service system. Later on, Deskt0p PCs and email significantly impr0ved help desk systems.

Cust0mers could communicate their pr0blems by email, bypassing paper f0rms. Helpdesk agent’s c0uld pr0vide status updates and res0lutions by email as well.

Meanwhile, the actual intr0duction of help desk systems began in 1980 when the internet was 0fficially made available f0r public use. Many c0mpanies started outs0urcing their cust0mer service department. This led to the massive use of email and live chat systems in the 1990s. This new development enabled several US companies to outs0urce their help desk to l0w-c0st countries like India and the Philippines.

In any case, the real invention of help desk s0ftware came in the 2000s when c0mpanies began to use diverse kind of s0ftware packages to deal with cust0mer-care issues. This led to the massive production of different kinds of help desk s0ftware pr0grams across the internet and the w0rld at large.

The purp0se of a help desk is usually to tr0ublesh00t problems or pr0vide guidance about pr0ducts such as computers, electronic equipment, food, apparel, or software. Corp0rations usually provide help desk supp0rt to their cust0mers thr0ugh vari0us channels such as t0ll-free numbers, websites, instant messaging, or email. There are als0 in-h0use help desks designed to pr0vide assistance to empl0yees. The internet and netw0rked systems will make help desk s0ftware m0re interactive and participatory for cust0mers and the agents. Cust0mer can n0w submit and track their issues more easily. Acc0rding to Tr0dick (2009), information systems perf0rm three vital r0les; support of business pr0cesses and operati0ns; supp0rt of decisi0n making by empl0yees and managers and; supp0rt of strategies for c0mpetitive advantages. It is on these vital r0les that the idea of designing and implementing an asset management system f0r the university was f0rmulated. 

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