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This project is carried out to design a Computerized Students Registration System in Faculty of Information and Commutation Technology, Osun State Polytechnic Iree, cannot be over-emphasized, due to the need of the review of the old system. The old system is no more adequate due to the associated problems. The new system have to be design in order to correct short coming. The new system is in modular forms, which make the work easy review and amendments can be done, without any effect on the others. Documentation was presented in a simple form in such away that computer literate will understand the application of the package, it also design on such a way that it will generate the expected output (Student Registration). Adequate security is given to the new system against illegal manipulation. Due to the limitation of the few personal directly involved in the school work.




The profound effect of the application of computers in institution of higher learning cannot be over emphasized. Computer is been used to process students admission and registration as well as their academic processing or procedure. Besides that the result o f the student i.e fully computerized which makes it easier and quicker to process. This does not stop here, the off payment is also being processed using computer. However it should be noted that any institution of higher learning requires the services of principals, teacher, librarians, lecturer, bursars, registration provosts, rectors, vice chancellor and a host of categories of per efficient and effective operation. It is the leadership qualities coupled with academic conquests of these principal offices that will integrate the power of computing with student information system and order to produce of faster dynamic and efficient of the development.

            Moreover, an efficient information system of the institution is not of paramount importance because it assist in the management of student record and also in providing adequate academic facilities for their students.


            When a person becomes a prospective student in any institution of higher learning, a record contains the information about the student like: full name, sex, date of birth, marital status, religion, state of origin, nationality, permanent addressed e.t.c. Student registration system could be defined how ever as a means of providing adequate resources for analyzing, designing and recording student related records like: student registration procedure, payment system as well as their academic records.

            A well organized and well  automated, student registration system will and academic research, equip the institution with relevant information so as to make a strict all vision to any student in cases of emergency and also to prevent the occurrence of certain academic vices like: certificate forgery, other illegal academic qualifications as in case of one former speaker of the house of representative Alhaji Salisu Buhari who claimed to have graduated from university of Toronto but as result of sound. Well automated student registration system the institution was bequeathed with, they were able to detect easily that he had no academic record in the aforementioned institution.


            Faculty of information and communication technology was formerly a satellite campus of the Ibadan Polytechnic, Iree in October 1992.

            The faculty was one of the pioneered faculties that took off with the institution as Osun Polytechnic in October 1992. The faculty had resources accreditation for ND programmes in 1973 and subsequently full accreditation in 1995, thirty students were admitted for this program (ND 1 Computer science) as pioneer students.

            Faculty of information and communication technology is one of the faculties in Osun State Polytechnic Iree, who is offering training to people who are not computer literate.

            This faculty of information and communication technology offers quick training in computer operations, data entry and use of various programming language.

            It runs appropriate program for secondary school leaves graduates of college of education, polytechnic and universities. It also train business executives and management staff.

            The relevant of registration concerning her registration are full name, sex, date of birth, marital status, state of origin, nationality, permanent address and the sponsors. Here her grading system is as follows

a.         For marks from 80 above

b.         For marks from 70 to 79.9

c.         For marks from 60 to 69.9

d.         For marks from 50 to 599.9

e.         For marks from 40 to 49.9

f.          For marks below 40


            The manual system of recording student registration has been found to be cumbersome tedious and time consuming, the mode of storage and retrieving of student’s registration inadequate. It is done manually by clerical staff and this is proving to un-availability of a centralized pool of student according to their specific duration of programme. Also the awarding of grades is manual, the scores and marks of the student are word processed and the result is printed out.

            Hence the need for the automation of the system is expedient.


1.         To create a database per the registration procedure of the institution

2.         To create a file that will handle the payment of fees by the student

3.         To create a file for the academic records of the student into an appropriate

4.         To convert the law score of each offered by the student into an appropriate grade.


            Having achieved the aims of the project, the following benefits are derived:

1.         It quicken the registration procedure

2.         It leads to the avoidance of duplication of efforts

3.         It provides facilities for decision making process

4.         It control redundancy (duplication of data)

5.         It reduces cost of labour cost of labour force responsible for scoring and awarding of grades is greatly reduced

6.         It reduces inefficiency and inaccuracy

7.         It prevent loss of data i.e. data during completion of forms in the manual registration process

8.         It generally saves time


            This section gives a brief outline of the extent of which the project covers. The project starts with the introduction of the study, aims and benefit of the project.

            It also covers the literature review, brief explanation on the existing system, data collection methods as the computers requirement will be used in the new design.

            It also pay attention on the method used in collecting data analysis of the proposed system and design. It also take care of the implementation and the control system.

            Finally, it makes conclusion, recommendation as well as appendix, more importantly, due to time constraint and other factors the project cannot be generalized. It is only restricted to faculty of information and communication technology.

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