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An essential part of management is co-ordination the activities of people directing their effort towards the goal and objectives of the organization.

This involves the process of leadership and choice of an appropriate form of behavior of employee in work place. Leadership is central features   of organization performance. The manager must understand the leaders and factors which determine the effectiveness of leadership relationship.

Leadership relationship is through which one person influence the behavior or action of other people. This means that the leadership cannot be separated from the activities of group employees with effective building.

Leadership is related to motivation, interpersonal behavior and the process of communication leadership is important in attempting to reduce employees dissatisfaction, good leader is also involve in the effective process of delegation.

According to lord stuff, for example maintain the leadership is vitally important of all level with in the company from main board to the sharp floor leadership is the moral and intellectual ability to visualize and work for what is

best for the company and its employees.

Attention to leadership as a behavior category has draw attention to leadership style in the work situation. It has become increasingly clear that managers can no longer rely solely on the use of their position hierarchal structure as a means exercising the function of leadership.

In other to pet the best result from employees, the managers must also have guard from the need to encourage high morale a spirit of involvement and co-operation and a willingness to work.

This gives rise to consideration of styles of leadership and provides another heading under which to analyze leadership behavior.

The style of managerial leadership towards employee and the focus of power can however be classified with a board fold headings.

The authoritarian or (autocrat) style is where the focus of power is with the managers the managers alone exercise decision making and authority for determining, policies, procedures, for achieving goal and work task and relationship control of reward of punishment the democratic style is where the focus power is with the group as a whole and there is a greater interaction with the group.

The leadership functions are shared with employee of the group and manager is more part of a team.

The group employees have a greater say in decision making determination of policies, implementation of system and procedures.

A Lassisez-fair style is where the manager observe that member of the group are working well on their own the manager consciously makes a decision to pass the focus of power to member employees to allow their freedom of action and not to interfere, but is readily available of help is need there is often confusion over the style of leader behavior, leadership style on organization adopted is managerial function determine the commitment and performance of employee commitment and performance.

Attention the managers style of leadership has come about because of a greater understanding of need to work  more, there is need for motivation and there’s more extrinsic motivation (tangible), intrinsic motivation (is related to psychological reward) such as the opportunity to use one’s ability. Effective leadership behavior is based, therefore on both on the willingness of the manager to help employees and the need of employees to help.


Unity Bank Kwale was formally known as new Nigerian Bank (NNB) and was driven to end on 17th February 2005, due to insufficient capital base required by the central bank of Nigeria.

The amalgamation of  nine bank including New Nigeria Bank formally the Unity Bank in other to meet the required capital base that is the 25 Billion Naira.

On February 17, 2005, the unity took over operation, function, assets, and liabilities of the new Nigeria Bank; it was registered as Unity Bank.

The Central Bank of Nigeria declared the new Nigerian Bank to be known as Unity Bank all over Nigeria.


It is claimed that a human relations people oriented approach is more likely to led to job satisfaction and work performance however, it is not always the case that democratic style is the best there are occasions where an autocratic style of leadership effectiveness has been reviewed from the studies that when the situation is favorable in terms of leader-employee rotation, task structure and position power then a task oriented leadership is most effective.

Autocratic style leadership has a p-great negative effective on employee commitment and performance because of production of goods when the leader is present production is high but drop in his absence. He gives order and demand that will be carried out no questions are allowed and no explanation is given to group member assume no responsibility for performance and merely do what they are told. But in democratic style of leadership, the employees generally feel successful.

A feeling of responsibility is developed within the employee. The characteristics of lassisez – faire style of leadership there are no goal for employee and moral and team-work are generally low.

Certain working condition can cause employee to be committed or perform badly in an organization generally, evidence of good leadership style is seen in the attitude of employees towards works and their commitment clearly, there us no one best style of leadership which will result in maintenance of moral and performance among employee and high work.


The purpose of the study is to:

1        Examine employee in Unity Bank kwale are committed.

2        Examine if type of style of leadership adopted affect employees commitment          and performance.

1        Examine under what condition of leadership employee tend to perform         better.

2        Examine if employees feel successful under democratic leadership instead of           lasses – faire style of autocratic.


This study serves as reservoir for study and also help policy maker to study leadership style and its trail on employee’s commitment as well as their performance, an organization must balance the number of tensions such as between people and performance, sustaining current performance of the employee and commitment of future through effective leadership. If it is important because it provides effective and efficiency of the employees hereby giving them sense of direction.


1        Does leadership style have effect on employee’s commitment and       performance?

2        What type of leadership style is suitable for employee’s commitment and           performance?

3        Does leadership style has direct correlation with employee commitment and           performance in a work place.

4        Is employee in Unity Bank Kwale satisfied with the leadership style    adopted?


This research work identifies the possible role of leadership style and its effects on employee’s commitment and performance in an organization.


This study leadership styles its effect on employee’s commitment and performance is restricted to Unity Bank Kwale, Delta State. It does not cover or include employee of any category outside unity bank Kwale, Delta State.


For the purpose of letter understanding, the researcher wishes to define the following term as applied in the content of his research study.

1.       Employee: it refers to a person who works for some body or for a company   in return for wages or salaries.

2.       Performance: It refers to the ability to operate efficiently in an organization.

3.       Leadership: This refers to social influence for attainment of goals.

4.       Duty: It consists of one or more task that constitutes a significance activities           performance in a job.

5.       Motivation: This refer to the way in which urges drives, aspiration or need    influence the choice of alternative in behavior of human being.

6.       Responsibility: Responsibility is one or several duties identity and describes the major purpose or reason for job existence.

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