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1.1    Background of the Study

There is no group or association (be it a political group or business) that can bring its human and material resources together to achieve its objectives without a cordial relationship between the industrial relation in the organization.

The success or failure of any organization depends on the kind of motivation factor that the employer will use to motivate the employees. An employee who is well paid and also given other fringe benefits will be able to work harder to achieve higher productivity. In this study “The Implication of Poor Industrial Relation in an Organization on Productivity in an Industrial Establishment (A Case Study of Beta Glass Plc)” provides several types of products like glasses, bottles etc.

Indigenization policy was introduced in the country by the Federal Government in the year 1973 which made it pertinent to many Nigerian citizens to own and control manufacturing industries.

The researcher therefore aims at highlighting the implication of poor industrial relation in an organization on productivity to the factory (Beta Glass Plc) to avoid poor product which will bring the failure of the product which will them eventually lead to inefficient sales.

At the beginning like this, one may ask what is industrial relation? And what does the implication of poor industrial relation have on production? Industrial relation has been defined in many ways by different people.

This is a phrase for industrial relationship which exists between men at work at different level of authority hierarchy with the fact that, this is fundamental conflict of poor between those over whom authority is exercised.

Industrial relation is concerned with how work runs are taken to he distributed among the producer their source in the reward of the productivity is to this industrial areas and what the military intelligence is to army.

The implication of poor industrial relation on organization in productivity in its adverse implication on present and future states of this product materials and its dynamic market also identify the way that it will have implication on present and future state of customer supplier and employee. One may ask why a full registered company will go out of business sooner that it started selling off as assets and loosing the huge amount of capital and resources used in setting up this business.

The cause of this is sample because of the poor industrial relation that exist in this work place that may lead to strike, work to rule lock out that eventually bring about low quantity with poor quality on the company material.

The factors will thus, result in waste of economic resources which means a contraction of purchasing power and market which will result at lose in manufacturing distribution and wage corner through unemployment.

1.2    Statement of the Problem

The strength of poor industrial relations in Beta Glass Plc, Delta State can be evaluated from the way they manifest through strikes, low productivity, poor quality of the product in town and lack of co-operation between the organization and the junior staff of the factory worker in order to show their resentment about their management organized strike and demonstration along the strike of Ughelli town.

This is a serious problem to the industrial establishment in Ughelli town and to Nigeria in general at this strike and demonstration are allowed to grow without finding solution, it will bring out economy down. It will have an address effect on the percentage of these animals in town will also increase the numbers of death arising from hunger will increase poor quality of this product with high poor attached to him the average user/industries would find it very difficult to afford them.

1.3    Purpose of the Study

The researcher’s major purpose of this study is to identify the implication of poor industrial relation of the organization in productivity especially the researcher like investigation on the following;

i.        The cause of poor industrial relation in an organization.

ii.       The relationship of employees and his organization.

iii.      Whether the compensation of employee in the industrial establishment is encouraging them.

iv.      The effort on management is making to improve industrial relation in the organization.

v.       The efforts of poor industrial relation on productivity.

1.4    Research Question

In order to evaluate the implication of poor industrial relation on production in industrial establishment with case study Beta Glass Plc, Delta State is stated as follows:

i.        Whether the company maintains good relationship with their customers.

ii.       If there is competition in the products of Beta Glass Plc.

iii.      This personal characteristic that mostly contributed to the success of the company.

iv.      The main cause of failure in the producing industry.

v.       How is smuggling and importation of material affecting the company?

1.5    State of Hypothesis

The research has formulated the hypothesis below for this research work.

Hi:     The use of job evaluation helps management to determine jobs that are more important to the organization

Ho:   The use of job evaluation does not help management to determine jobs that are more important to the organization

1.6    Scope of the Study

This study was carried out in Ughelli town, Delta State. This is because the metropolitan town of Ughelli is commercial as well as some industrial area.

Sample selection consists of manufacturing medium scale employing of workers. The survey covers the area of welfare and the general administration of the industrial establishment.

1.7    Limitations of the Study

The research work of this nature is never complete without limitations. The researcher encountered numerous problems which affected the conduct of the research work. These include;

i.        Financial Constraints: The researcher was faced with the challenge of financial constraints. The researcher was able to understand that research work entails spending much money in a bid to acquire information sought for.

ii.       Time Constraints: A lot of time was spent as the researcher visited the respondents samples The researcher went to their offices several times without meeting them because of the time schedule they were having an appointment. In facts, the researcher visited Ughelli all the time in order to interview these staffs and more so. Many of the staffs sampled could not fill in the questionnaires on time while some of the staff sampled could not return their own questionnaire at all.

iii.      Prejudices: This formed a major handicap for the researcher. Most of the respondents were reluctant to give the desired co-operation as such, by releasing the information the researcher sought for.

1.8    Significance of the Study

This research work has been designed to benefit workers in industries, organizations, investors, lecturers and students etc.

Workers through this research work will be able to know how they should relate with their organization as well as their work so as to improve their productivity together with incentives moreover, the management and the investors who manage industries relations through projects to know how to improve industries relations. This will be an increased productivity and efficient quality.

Besides, the masses including the applicants will like to work and patronize industries that maintain report 1 their employee.

1.8    Definition of Key Terms

i.        Provision: This is the certain transforming and conversion of raw materials into different forms for optional utilization.

ii.       Management: It is doing things through other people in order to achieve a set goal.

iii.      Production Management: The term production management can be referred to the management of any kind of production system regardless of the types.

iv.      Scheduling: This is a system of planning and keeping track of manpower, equipment and material in a given operation.

v.       Productivity: The ability to create and grow things or the act of making things.

vi.      Establishment: A set-ups made of individuals sub-unit called department which work as synergy to achieve the co-operate objective of the organization.

vii.     Industrial Relation: A deal with the respective role of management labour and government in the process which relates workers to work.

viii.    Organization: This is a group of people who form a business, club etc together in order to achieve a particular aim.

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