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The research seeks to examine effectiveness of team work and participation of employees in the decision making process in private and public enterprises. This is as a result of some organizations that have low growth, be it public or private organization. To further facilitate the purpose of this research work, discussion on related literature  made the researcher use a population size of 35 (thirty five) for the study, questionnaires were administered for collection of data, and responses received were analyzed using tables and percentages tested using chi-square (X2) for findings. At the end, the researcher found out that employees participation and team work in decision making will bring about effective, efficient growth and increase in productivity in any organization. Therefore, the key ingredients in organizational growth will bringing to bear the relationship that exists between the variables (employees and employers) team work in decision making process. This research recommends that employers must recognize that decision making process should be collective and growth needs to be improved. Also, the employers should provide the enabling environment to enhance the employees team work and participation. The need to practice management by objective (MBO) for collaboration between the managers and subordinate is highly necessary and important.




Participation of employees in decision making is a process of management by objective (MBO) that is the collaborative goal setting by a manager and the subordinate the extent to which goals are accomplished in a major factor in evaluating and rewarding the subordinates’ performance.

Effective decision making has become a critical issue in the various areas of management and administration in the country both in private and public sectors of the economy. The purpose of the study is therefore, to examine the relationship between decision making process and the employees participation.

Decision can be said to be a process of taken actions which in due cause lead to achieving a particular objective. The study is to investigate the various ways of managing or finding solutions to these challenges and encourages the use of proper decision making tools for organizational effectiveness and growth. It will also focus on issues relating to the topic with adequate explanations for better understanding and finally make recommendations for further use by other interested individuals, government and organizations etc.  


It is through effective decision making that manager help the organizations achieved or accomplished its set goals and objectives.  Decision making plays a vital role in the attainment of these organizational growth and successes.

Decisions had become one of the basic and difficult challenges confronting most Nigerian organizations especially in public enterprises.  Nigeria as a country with diverse culture, is not an easy task, since many people desires only slight personal satisfaction on their role as stakeholders, employees, suppliers, creditors and customers etc and enjoy little or no sense of accomplishment rather than being other acquiring personal goal than organizational goals and objectives.

It is against this statement of the problem that interest is focused on the likely decision making strategies to be applied in the organization in other to achieve organizational growth.

Therefore, based on the above problem stated, the researcher aims at investigating the problem and suggesting remedies to improving the situation.


In every research, the researcher always has an aim, if not to add to already existing body of knowledge; it is to propound a new theory.

To this end, here are the objectives of this study.

                   i.                        To identify the nature of decision classification, types and implementation which exist in public enterprises.

                 ii.                        To identify the impact of decision on organizational growth in public enterprises.

              iii.                        To identify the level of decision making in public enterprises.

              iv.                        To identify decisional roles of managers as it relates in public enterprises.

                 v.                        To identify the organizational decision levels mostly used in public enterprises.

              vi.                        To make possible recommendations on how effective decision implementation relates organization in public enterprises.


To guide the field operation of this research work, and especially to ensure that all data collection and analytical efforts were directed at searching out answers to the various aspects of the research problem, the following research questions were formulated.

i.                   What is the nature of decision classification, types and implementation that exist in public enterprises?

ii.                 Does decisions making impact on organizational growth in public enterprises?

iii.              What is the level of decision making in public enterprises?.

iv.              Which of the organizational decision levels is mostly used in public enterprises?

v.                 Does the decisional roles of managers relates to decision making in public enterprises?


To facilitate the realization of the study objectives, the following research hypothesis was formulated as follows:

i.                   HO:   There is no significant relationship between decision

Implementation in public enterprises.

 HI:   There is a significant relationship between decision

Implementation in public enterprises.


A research on managers and the challenges of decision making on employee participation is a very wide one.  It involves an extensive research into the operations of organizations in different sectors of the economy. Considering the fact that there are substantial number of organizations and firms in the country today and their relative different in sizes and scale of operations as well as the distinctive strategies applied in carrying out various decisions, the study becomes invariably a different one. 

In a bid to keep the job within manageable limits and within the limited time, available resources, the researcher decided to limit the scope of the study to cooperate organization with particular interest on public enterprises. It is believed that what ever will be the finding from this be generalize as to what is obtained in most successful organization like public enterprises.


This research work was carried out for purpose of achieving certain objectives. At the end of this project, it is hoped that it will be useful to a lot in the following ways:

1.                 Students and researchers which might use it as a guide or reference material in future.

2.                 Business or corporate organization when making decisions in organization.

3.                 Government and other non-governmental organization during policies formulation and decision making.

4.                 Managers, as it will serve as a guide to the present and future one’s when dealing with decisional issues.

5.                 Individuals and other interested members of the public who are interested in the topic.


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