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Human trafficking as a new trend meriminelity is often referred to as “modern day slavery”. Some people call it “the exploitation of the vulnerability of a person by a mother, having control over such person or for mainly exploitative purpose or financial gains, the manner of such exploitation very from force labor to sexual exploitation. Child labor and domestic slave force to obey another person all acts felt pity than love to slavery with money being the propelling factor for perpetrating such acts. There are internal and across the border trafficking.

Child labor refers to the use of children of school age, normally bellow the age of 18years working to earn a living under conditions that impair their physical, cognitive emotional mental and social development and which also deprives them of opportunity for recreational activities and privileges of childhood.

This new dimension of crime is solid to be organized and studies have revealed that, there are syndicates (middlemen/women) that specialize in perpetrating the crime.

Trafficking is a violation of fundamental human right.

Trafficking in persons is a global problem affecting large numbers of children some estimate have as many as 1.2 million children being trafficked every year. There is a demand for trafficked children as cheap labor or for sexual exploitation. Children and their families are then unaware of the dangers of trafficking believing that better unemployment all lives lay in other countries of the world like Germany, Nigeria, Japan, and Italy.


For the research to be meaningful and valid there should be a clearly defined objective of such survey aim at follow

  1. Trafficking in persons.
  2. To determine the rear of population in trafficking.
  • To see the effect of trafficking in the society.
  1. To determine the low enforcement and administrator.

They are negative social vices prevalent in our societies in Nigeria intect in some communities people see nothing or at best little wrong about them. This is for the simple reason that the unwanted social acts are intertwined with their society way of living for example in Edo state trafficking in women especially young girls to Europe for prostitution is a common practice like wise in southern Kaduna the practice of giving our children (both male and female) for domestic labour as house – help is a common phenomenon such properties are in view of money being means of additional income to pass privileged parents. In the case of northern Kaduna the child labour prevent in the area is in the form of hawking wares by children (both male and female) in stead of going to school or begging by street sides all in the name of assisting parents economically.

All this junction, it is pertinent to define what human trafficking is in child labour for greater conceptualization side looking at factor behind them ase well as their legal implications to the nation.


The scope of this project research is to view the rate of human and child that has being involve in trafficking information from Nigeria immigration service, Antihuman trafficking unit Kaduna command.

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