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This study was conducted to find out the perception of study towards the introduction of credit in mathematics for administration into office technology and management programme. The research study tried to find out the existing perception of students in office technology and management, research question were formulated from the purpose of the study. A set of questionnaire was drawn and administered to the students the data collected were analyzed using tables and percentage. A review of related literature was done and a total of fifty students randomly selected were involved in the study. Finally, it was recommended that parties and teachers should develop positive attitude in their children towards education and method of teaching should be revised.



Background of the Study

          The history of Nigeria education came about with the arrival of the early missionaries to Nigeria in the early 18th century. The primary objective was to initially convert “Heathen” to Christianity through education knowledge of the bible and ability to communicate both orally and in writing. The missionaries therefore realized the importance of training the local teachers for the services of commercial and governmental enterprises.

          Managers career dated back to 2001, according to Ibanga (2004) when Christopher shores invented the typewriter, the twin course, shorthand was also invented in the Roman empire two thousand years ago by Marcus Tillius Turo his system was popular i.e. was believed that it acted like a catalytic force that propelled the speed of the growth of the Roman Empire in as much as it enabled the writer to record words as fast as they were spoken. The system was taught to children of all classes and Roman Empire was quick to appreciate its value.

          However, Nigerian education sector diagnosis saw the need to diversify opportunities for students to take account of secretarial studies and more credits are being demanded for certification in that programme. Olori (2006). Stated that managers’ runs a possibility of bringing changes   in order to allow students increase the intensity or credit in mathematic. According to Lori (2006), saw that it will equip students with knowledge and skills; they equip to operate on getting credits

In English, Economic, Government, Principles of Account, commerce and Mathematics.  Therefore, introducing this unit, the aim should be to instill in students a positive attitude towards the introduction of credit in Mathematics especially into polytechnics. She went further to say that while the 2000s witnessed the job of polytechnic trained managers; Rivers State University of Science and Technology become the first Nigeria University to embark upon the production high caliber Managers. Through its Bachelor of Science Degree ( programme in office technology and management modern in order to assist students with greater credit in mathematics. This supplements the efforts of the institute of Chartered secretaries and Administration (ICSA) in producing high class secretaries.

          There have been innovations from its primitive standard to more sophisticated standard, such as the use of computer, telepriter Electronic/Electric machines and others. Hence, the previous problem of having to restrain shorthand – typist when they reach the top rank of their secretarial ladder in order  to fit into the new role which have been effectively solved since the extensive business training in polytechnics as well as the Universities make assimilation of hobbies of ND, HND/Bsc into the mainstream of administrators/managerial easier.

Statement of the Problem

          Recently, the school of information communication technology (ICT) Department saw it fit to introduce credit in mathematics into the curriculum of managers’ studies programme. They help to provide students with a foundational understanding of business and office management through a systematic study of mathematics. Some well informed Nigerian see this introduction a as step in the right direction towards improving the professional status of managers while others have speculated that has introduction will lead to high degree of failure and examination malpractice in the department which will in turn result in many dropouts and subsequent reduction in the number of students applying for admission into the programme.

          The objective of this study is to find the perception of students towards the introduction of credits in mathematics into office technology and management. It aims specifically at finding out if the students have positive or negative perception towards credit in mathematics in term of feeling, interest likes and dislikes.

Purpose of the Study

          The aim of this study was to determine the perception of students towards the introduction of credit in mathematics into office technology and management programme. Specifically this study sought to;-

(1)          To find out the extent to which students perceive mathematics as a difficult course.

(2)          To examine the extent to which poor mathematic background affect the performance of students.

(3)          Determine the extent to which the teaching networks of the lectures affect student performance.

(4)          Determine the extent to which inadequate instructional facilities affect students perception

Research Questions

(1)          What perception should the student for office technology and management exhibit towards credit in mathematics?

(2)          What affect does poor mathematics background have to the performance of students?

(3)          What effect do lecturer are methods of teaching have on student performance?

Scope of the Study

     The scope is centered to the Department of Office Technology Management of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri, Imo /state. The findings of this investigation will therefore apply to these institution if the limitation imposed on this study were those of fiancé, time, materials needed and other resources available at the time of this investigation.

Significance of the Study

On completion of this research work, it is anticipated that the findings of this study is expected to help the counselor’s in the accountability of his service to the students in the area and also to help the students to be well informed. As today, students, have not been performing well in mathematics this study will help them to tackle the problems.

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