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This research has been carried out to know the reprographic skills required of secretaries in some selected business establishment. The instrument used in gathering data for the study covered in (5) business establishment in Owerri Imo State. The data that were scores. Table presentation was used to present the data. The reprographic skills that were analyzed include the carbon manifolding, duplicating, photocopying faxing and computer skills.

From summary and findings, it was discovered that secretaries have gripped the opportunities provided by the reprographic resources/equipment provided by the secretary’s work signifies the images of the establishment, management, should make these equipments secretaries and the school where these secretaries are being trained should do well to expose them to these reprographic equipment competencies.



Reprography as an information technology system in our present age has currently changed our society and the global economy making production and reproduction easier and faster. Indeed this technology has resulted in the combination, which have been all forms of reproduction, which have been growing at fast rate.

According to Uwaji (2001), reprography is a general terms for reproduction of documents or images especially those that are virtually indistinguishable from the original. It is a collecting, transmitting, reproducing documents and obtaining facsimile copies of such documents. This encompasses the conventional methods of reproducing or multiplying, photocopying, and facsimile transmissions.

Moreover, today’s reproduction is carried out with the aid of electronic equipment such as fax machines, duplicating machines, photocopier, carbon and manifolding and computer. The information reproduced can be in form of pictures or data documents, symbols etc.

Adeyer (1999, noted that with the advent of fax, which is another advancement of all office automations connected to work exchange of information and communicate simultaneously earth wide.

Nevertheless, technology has created a wide range of new methods, which enables the secretaries to improve their performance. Such equipment as fax has made transmission and transfer of official document, faster. These reprography equipments have improved the office and the job of a secretary in particular. Photocopying machines are of great essence. They help in getting an exact photographic copy of the original copy. Things like incoming letter for the attention of different officers, contract and insurance policies etc are quickly and efficiently reproduced.


The research work that has to be carried out is to determine the reprographic competencies or skills required of a secretary in selected business establishments, which includes manifolding skill, computer skill, duplicating skill, photocopying skill and faxing skill. Every secretary is entitled to know how to maintain and operate these machines in our modern society. This has improved the quality and quantity of work performance.

Secretaries are also expected or entitled know how to handle and operate the different type of duplicating machines e.g. ink duplicators and spirits duplicators.

The secretary in a selected business establishment need to be the competent with all these reprographic system. The future of secretarial career appears to be in a state of uncertainty. This is because of the anxiety nursed by many, especially as technology has not come to replace secretaries from their jobs. While this year exists, still, some claim that technology has not come to create problem rather to solve and offer more job opportunities to office workers.

Therefore, the essence of this investigation is to look into this problem to ascertain the validility of these fears to the future job prospects in the secretary be redundant as a result of the duplicating machines, fax, photocopier, computer, manifolding and other office equipment that technology has introduced.


The purpose of this research is to find out the reprography skills required of a secretary. Strategically, this research is set out to study and possibly identify the nature and major problems in the concept and practice of secretarial competency, which has virtually crippled the administration of most business establishments.

       This research will therefore look into the following objectives.

1.       To determine the various reprographic equipment available to the secretary in a selected business establishment.

2.       To find out the photocopying competencies or skills expected of a secretary in faxing.

3.       To ascertain the photocopying competencies a secretary needs to posses.


To achieve the objective of this research the following questions are being put forwards as a guide for the research.

(1)      What are the reprographic equipments available to you in your establishment.

(2)      What duplicating competencies do secretaries needs to have?

(3)      What computer competencies is expected of a secretaries in a selected business establishment


       This project is aimed at identifying the various reprographic competencies, which the secretary in a selected business establishment needs to be acquainted with.

       This work will be of great importance to management in business establishments, government ministries, government parastatals and indeed all organization that employ or require the services best reprographic system that will boast their productivity, efficiency and reproduction.

       Furthermore, this study will enable the business organization to identify the knowledge and skill that makes a secretary competent to carry out his/her various roles and functions in the organizations.

       Moreover, it will help to identify the type of training, development and exposure that is required by a secretary. It also an – eye opener to secretaries who are already in the labour market and could not get promotion due to their inefficiency and lack of reprographic skill, since a secretary needs to reproduce the actual amount of the material that needs to be sent to different people and places.

       However, it will assist in unveiling factors that contribute to secretarial competency as well as those that impede it. So as to develop well the skills and knowledge through the various reprographic technology available today.

       Finally, this piece of work will serve as a reference point for students who would like to improve more on the topic “Reprographic skill required of a secretary, in a selected business establishment.”


       Office automations have became a reality and have improved from what it used to be years back. This work will cover all the necessary resources available to those secretaries at the moment.

       Moreover, there are a lot of reprographic competencies, which the secretary is expected to have. This research will be based on the faxing, photocopying, duplicating, manifolding and  computer competencies expected of a secretary in selected business establishment.

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