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This research project looked into leadership traits required of secretaries. The questionnaire was the investment use to data collection. The data collect from the study were analyses using the main score. According to the result of the data analysis showed the leadership traits required by secretaries. Some recommendations were also made based on the research funds. 



Background of the Study

In any given organization or social system, leadership occupies an essential position because of its role towards the actualization of organizational development also the success of any system or organization largely depend on leadership traits possessed by the leaders or secretaries, leaders or secretaries are group of persons who oversee the day to day running of country, state or organization both private and public. They are also the chief officers   of a government, state, political division who occupy a position of influence, influencing their subordinates to achieve group objective in any given situation, secretaries determine the directions and needs of their followers.

According to Ohakwe (2005) leadership is seen as the ability to cause others to follow willingly, usually in initiating change. The ability to cause others to follow for a common goal is one sure way of recognizing leadership is very important action of providing direction to others.

Indeed, there are several types of leadership with various traits and qualities. Most leaders are republicans, some are democratic while other is unitary, and that means dictatorial autocrats. There are also different styles of leadership in which leaders relate to other people which affect their effectiveness. These include autocratic, lasses faire, democratic, charismatic, transactional and transformational leadership styles Ohakwe (2005) leadership trait are those qualities and characteristics leaders’ posses.

There are positive and negative traits are self confidence, dependability, assertiveness, cooperative, Openness, decisiveness, charisma etc, while the negative trait are self centeredness, dishonesty, injustice, undependability etc

This research study is therefore an attempt to unveil the expected leadership traits secretaries should possess and required in order to inspire confidence in their leadership.

Statement of Problem

The growth or success of any organization depends on the leadership traits found in and required by the secretaries of such organization. Leadership traits could be positive or negative; it therefore goes to show that organization cannot do well when leadership is characterized by negative traits like lies, dishonesty, lateness to duty, lack of seriousness, in justice, selfishness, undependability etc.

These traits would only bring problems to any organization. But truthfulness, dedication to duty, self-confidence, and decisiveness e.g. would only bring success, progress and growth to any organization if the secretaries demonstrate them.

The problem of this study therefore, is to know the good and leadership traits secretaries should posses in order to make effective leadership; since the researcher has no knowledge of any research extensively done on this aspect and the fact remains that there are different views as to the kind of traits to be possessed by secretaries.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the leadership traits required by secretaries, especially the study attempted to;

1            Ascertain the leadership traits required by secretaries in selected organizations.

2            Determine the extent to which the leadership traits required by secretaries in organization development tend to achieve. 

3            Identity those leadership traits that pose problem to secretaries in organizational development

Research Questions      

 1.    What are the leadership traits required by secretaries

2.     To what extent do these traits affect the achievement of organizational development?

3      What are the leadership traits that pose problem to secretaries in organizational development?

4      What is the measure to checkmates the problems associated with the leadership traits required by secretaries.

Significance of the Study

This research study will highlight the various  leadership traits required by secretaries, and of course know to cooperate with them to ensure better working relationship in the execution of the their work.

This study would be of relevance especially business, secretaries by affording them the opportunity to know the response of the following to the various leadership traits adopted by them. It would also help the secretaries to know and ascertain the leadership traits that would also elicit their cooperation and desirable behavior to the enhancement of their productivity.

Scope of the Study

This study is restricted to 7up bottling company in Aba, area Abia State.

Limitation of the Study

Due to time factor and financial constraints during the process of this research. The researcher covered the leadership traits only.

Another constraint is the reluctance of some, respondents to volunteer inform given to them. They did believe the assurance that the data collected were for academics uses

Definition of Terms

In the control of this research, the under listed terms have been defined

Traits: - characteristics or qualities exhibited by individual

Leadership: - The ability to influence, motivate and enable others to contributes towards the effectives and success of an organization leadership: In an organization has a profound effect on behavior of individual within the organization, both in terms of performance, moral and attitude towards the management.  Leadership: is the process of directing, influencing and motivating employees or people within a formal or informal setting toward the achievement of a set goal.

Leadership;- it is a process through which an individual takes initiative to assist a group to move towards productive goals that are acceptable to maintain the group and to dispose of these needs of individuals within the group, which compel them to join the group.

Secretary;- A  secretary is an image of an organization who handles all correspondence in an organization.

Development: It is the process of something becoming larger, more mature, more advanced.

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