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This research is aimed at evaluating the difficulties encountered by secretaries in handling modern office equipotent. It focused on the effect of the job performance of secretaries with the introduction of equipments, the changes and challenges it posed on the secretaries in any organization. The result of analysis shows that secretaries in agreed that the introduction of modern office equipments affect their work performance. But despite the problems, equipments have the tendency of improving the secretaries’ job performance. Conclusion was drawn based on these findings that secretaries job performance depend on their level of acquiring machines operating skills necessary for operating those equipments. The researcher therefore recommended that organizations should endeavor to train and re-train their secretaries in order to meet the changing nature of technology.



1.1  Background of the Study

        Hicks (1964) described office as a central place where all vital information to economic growth of any organization are processed.  From the above definition, it is understood that office is the place where actions on all the organizational decisions are implemented.  The office is also seen as a place where work in relation with the preparation and furnishing of information is done.  It is also defined as a place where all clerical and administration functions are carried out in order to co-ordinate and control the affairs of the whole establishment.  Azuka (1991) defined it as a place where management functions such as planning, staffing, controlling and motivating activities are carried out for the achievement of the statutory objective of the organization.  It may be open or close type depending on the pattern and type chosen by the management of the organization. On the other hand, office machines and equipments are those tools used by the management to accomplish those managerial functions vested in an office for effective and efficient performance of the organization.

        Denger (1998) stated that the mechanization of office which dates back to twentieth century had since become increasingly the importance of any office activities .He maintained that office machines extended from ordinary office stapling machines to computers.  The office equipments range from office pins to electronic computers.  The office tools are used to carry out office function.  The above definitions have made it extremely difficult to generalize office machines and equipment.  Office machines and equipments generally are labour saving devices used in the office to enhance the efficiency of methods of producing management information.  Ahukannah (2002).

        From the above definition, it is understood that office machines and mechanization is the process of introducing machines and equipments in order to facilitate the functions of an organization with the sole aim of increasing productivity and discouragement of frauds.  It is also aimed at knowing or identifying the importance of the modern office machines and equipments in the performance of the day-to-day activities of an organization.

        Ohakwe (2002).  Advised that attempt should be made to look at the office. Furthermore, the secretary’s works in a dynamic environment packed full with conflicting situations and instructions so much that no two days are exactly the same.  The conflicting decisions and instructions crops up all the time demanding or needing prompt attention and decision.   Secretary is a vital person in the administrative machinery that working with an out-modeled and un-serviced machines can make the job unattractive and the secretary unproductive and inefficient.     

       Kanu (2001), the secretary is an important personnel and a public relation expert on the business world; and that the work in an organization can not improve or prosper with the absence of the secretary and her ability to handle modern office equipments.  The secretary is the back-bone of any organization, thus, she is also important to the organization because of her ability to remain calm under extra-ordinary conditions of the work pressures and human demand.  This view of the secretary’s functions are archaic one in view of the changes that have taken place in her training and her  job, but one might ask “is there anything so unique about  the secretary and her ability in handling medium office  equipments.?”  The answer is “Yes”.,  the secretary  besides being an official who is in charge of correspondence  or records or confidential personnel should be able to know how to operate the modern  office equipments ranging from type-writers to  computers.  It is hoped that at the end of this study, its will provide or identify the problems facing the secretary in handling modern office equipments.

1.2  Statement of the Problems

        Although the main purpose of office automation is to increase office productivity and quality of products, these significant transformation may involve an element of risk to the secretary as well as affecting her performance.  The secretary has to be aware and

prepared for these.  Ahukannah (2000) stated that the cause of one of the problems militating against automation of office, many firms that could use automated systems effectively may not have the resources that match their demands.  Inadequate training and skills requirement is another problem associated with automatics.  It is difficult to get and retain the services of qualified operators, office automation functions will work well in environment where electricity supply is constant.  Some of these automated machines  cannot function in the observe of electricity because  power supply in Nigeria is unreliable, generators ought to be provided but the cost  is much and  not every organization that are willing or desire  can afford the amount for it.  Consistent use of machine can be monotonous to a worker, shifting initiative and creativity since every duty is routinized and this renders work uninteresting.

        Due to availability of various type and models of office machines and equipment in the market, nowadays, one finds sit difficult to make a choice due to it’s sophisticated in choosing a suitable machines and equipments.  One of the factors in choosing any office equipment is the type of work for which it is needed for.  For instance, a printing company that specialized in the production of scientific text-books should prefer a computer has all the required scientific signs or symbols needed for their production.

        Elendu (1983) advised that the following factors should be taken into consideration when choosing any office machines.  The required work and the manner of accomplishing it whether the employees (other users)

Have a special performance for a particular machine and the cost implication of the equipment.

1.3  Purpose of the Study

   The major purpose of this study is to identify the modern equipments and difficulties encountered in handling modern office equipments by secretary.  Specifically, the study attempt to:

1)  Identify the various kinds of office equipment available in the organization.

2)    Determine the functionality of the equipment.

3)    Find out if the equipment are adequate.

4)  Evaluate the extent to which the secretary can operate the equipment.

5) Identify the problems which the secretary encounters in the handling of the equipment.

1.4  Research Questions

The research question is:

1.  What are the various kinds of office equipments?

2.   What is the functionality of the equipment?

3.   What is the adequacy of the equipment?

4. What are the skills required by secretaries in handling modern office equipment.

5)  What are the problems encountered by secretaries in handling modern office equipment?

1.5  Significance of the Study

        The result of this study will help all student secretaries to identify some problems facing them in handling modern office equipments.  It will also explain how important secretaries are in an organization and also that many unique things about secretaries (i.e.) their strong ability to handle modern office equipments.  It is strongly; believe that after going through this study, it will serve as a useful tools as it will be informative and educative to prospective student’s secretaries and all practicing secretaries at large.

1.6  Scope of the Study

    This study tents to look at the

Difficulties encountered by secretaries in handling modern office equipments and also seek for the necessary solution to the problems so far.

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