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The purpose this project is to design a two bedroom bungalow and prepare a priced bill of quantities for the bungalow. The feature of the bungalow is as follows: Kitchen, Dinning, Store, Guest toilet, Car porch and Concrete fascia running all over the external walls. A preliminary estimate was used at the inception stage of the project to predict the probable cost of the bungalow while working drawings were being prepared. After the working drawings was prepared which revealed more details about the project, a bill of quantities was prepared and build up unit rate for all the items  that have been measured, using the current prices in the market, was also prepared. The traditional method of preparing a bill of quantities was adopted in this project and it was discovered at the end of the project that the project cost is higher than the preliminary estimate amount.



Quantity Surveying is a profession in the construction industry whose practices cover a wide range of functions, which includes, but not limited to services like cost management process, project management, cost estimating, cost planning, measurement, contracts negotiation, preparation of bill of quantities  and tender document, preparation of final account.

The profession generally take care of construction cost and construction contracts.

The quantity Surveyor is essentially an expert in construction cost and construction contracts whose prime task is to ensure that the project is kept written budget and that the client get value for money.

He must ensure that in his valuations for payments due to the contractor, he remains impartial to both the client and the contractor and so produce harmony in his role as project accountant. The quantity surveyor rely on the knowledge or data obtained from past projects to predict the likely cost of a proposed project.

A bill of quantities is a standard document prepared by the quantity surveyor, which represent and describes accurately the quantity and quality of work to be executed in a project.

If listed in detail all the component parts required for a project so that each contractor can calculate tender prices on exactly the same basis as his/her competitors.

The bill of quantities is used as a basis of measurement and a means of incorporating necessary specification information as part of a contract document.

Quantity surveying, which happen to be the youngest among the profession in the construction industry is controlled in Nigeria by the Nigerian substitute of quantity surveyors, (NIQS). (Tendering, Estimating and contractual arrangements for building projects, BESMM4)

1.2     AIM

The aim of this project is to prepare a priced bill of quantities for a proposed two bedroom bungalow using the traditional method of billing.      


            i.          To develop a working drawings for a proposed two bedroom bungalow

            ii.         To take off quantities from the working drawing.

            iii.        To prepare a priced bill of quantities using the traditional billing method.

            iv.        To generate unit rate for major items of work for use in pricing


The method adopted in preparing this project is obtained from text books, internet, lecture notes, journals, handouts, seminars, and consultants.


This project covers taking off, abstracting, preliminary estimate, squaring and preparing a priced bill of quantities for a two bedroom bungalow belonging to ATTAH GODWIN located at no 32, Alkali Street Romi, Kaduna South, Kaduna State.


This work is limited to preparing a priced bill of quantities for a two bedroom bungalow with a total floor area not exceeding 100 square metre.

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