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This project investigates the growth and development of travel agency business in Kaduna metropolis. Brief history of travel agency was discussed. This research work give hints on the level of growth and development of agency business in Kaduna metropolis, as well as the challenges facing travel with survey research method where questionnaires were distributed and retrieved. Findings show that the growth and development of travel agency business has always been progressive as we are open to newer technology of how we can effectively more people from place through faster, easier and safer means. the researchers recommend that tourism and travel and travel industry should be placed under the leadership of able Nigerians to ensure that it is operated within laid down policies, due consideration and proper planning should be paid to the travel agency business in the metropolis. In conclusion, travel agency business is important because it create job and contribute towards extra inward investment through the promotion of positive image of an area. 



1.1     background of the study

Travel is an important human activity not only for economic significance but also for social, cultural and educational significance. Due to its nature, it deserves to be studied for its own sake for greater understanding of it contribution to the society.

It is also an industrial activity in which many individual, firms and organizations are engaged which is of greater importance to the social and economic sector of the society. It is believed that it evolution has always experienced development and growth from one level to another.

Before the eighteenth century, good traffic seldom traveled far as 30 miles per day. In the nineteenth century a daily performance of 37 miles was achieved so that technical progress over two thousand (2000) years ago has risen the daily distance covered by seven (7) miles per day.

As a result of the increase in demands for travel (movement of goods, services and peoples), this business has grown and experienced transition from one era to another.

Basically when you say travel agency you can imagine somebody that can assist you in planning your trip or someone has to be responsible with all the preparations you will need. Travel agencies are retail business at assist customer in planning, reserving and preparing vacation holiday tours or only transportation and accommodation you need to have.

Travel agencies sell products that are related to travelling they also give out great customer service to every client that they will have in order that you will understand the nature of the work of such agencies it is very important to know the history and back ground of the industry. These agencies basically take care of the services or preparations for suppliers like airline companies; they basically will be the one that will take care in preparing and reserving ticket to airlines for the customer. This is a very convenient way so that you will not be worried and it is less stressful for you to do all the preparation on a trip.

Travel agencies can also assist you preparing for the ranting cars or cruise liners depending on the type of vacation holiday able to free yourself from all the burden of calling car rentals in the place. Most of those agencies basically have connected in your travel you need to keep in mind that they can also give you discounted rates on the trip that you will want.

Basically it is know that the British company is one of the oldest agencies in the world. It is said that the travel agencies rooted its beginning in the year 1758 and it usually have rich customer. Before they said that the company is a first class bank but they ventured to other business like planning and preparing travels for their customer. It is know that agencies give it was only in the 19th century. a famous many like Mr. cook development a travel package for customers that love to travel and then it them from them on it made a great mark to many travel agencies are already present since that first travel agency became very famous especially to rich people that want a hassle free vacation. They realize that it is convenient and practical to have a package holiday tour rather than doing thing by themselves with all the preparations and planning. Many tourist loves that idea of package holiday tour since they need to do is waiting for the time of their vacation.

Before the very first famous way to travel is through trains and cars or cruses that is why many rich people decided to have this type of vacation preparations that is why until in the present time. This type of vacation planning is still famous for many people that love to travel.

Travel agencies in the past are only affordable by only the upper class family in the society but in the modern days any person can already avail different package holiday tour.

Today, the travel agency business provides sources of livelihood for thousands of people in Kaduna metropolis and also is a source of revenue to the government. Each day many tourist travel to participate in particular event such as festivals to discover the unknown, conferences, coronations, to seek change in environment, to explore new and strange places and to undergo new experiences. Attempt has been made in this research study to make a critical review of the growth and development of the travel agency business in Kaduna metropolis considering also the problems it encountered in it trends till date and to view it prospects issues that arise in the business are also reviewed.

1.2     statement of the research problem

For this research study to be complete and critical in scope, it is therefore necessary to look at some identified problems associated with the travel agency business in Kaduna metropolis at it affects its growth and developments.

The need the public section government to construct alternate route to beat traffic on the major roads. Hence, the travel agency business is incapable of meeting up with the demand for tourists/travelers during peak periods.

And more also the ability of the government to provide advance travel infrastructures such as speed rail lines which can link the Kaduna metropolis to other parts of the state, within the country and outsider.

1.3     objectives of the study

The objectives of this study are:

1.       To identify the level of growth and development of travel agencies in Kaduna metropolis.

2.       To ascertain the level of satisfaction of tourists and travelers by travel agencies in Kaduna metropolis.

3.       To identify the challenges faced by travel agency business in Kaduna metropolis.

1.4     significance of study

It is believed this research work will enable managers of the travel agency business to find ways by which they can improve their services for efficiency and effectiveness.

It will provide entrepreneur, managers and other management personnel of the business with blue print information on the operations of the travel agency business that could boost its trade n the state and country.

Also, students which might put special interest on this topic may have a handy literature for review and may continue from where this research work stopped.

The problems and solutions identified are discussed and will also enable government know where to assist or encourage the business operations. So as to bring about greater demand and increased benefit to the tourism and travel organizations at all level.

1.5     scope of the study

The scope of this research study is to examine the level of growth and development of travel agencies business in Kaduna metropolis.

This study covered areas such as which transport means did travel agencies in Kaduna metropolis use, and what motivate people to travel or why did they engage in travel?

This study also deal with the various ways of travel via, water, road, rail and air travel and the role they play in promotion of travel. The scope of study for this project entails the contributions of government and private sectors and their investment to the development of the travel agency business in Kaduna metropolis.

As part of this project, problems and prospects of the travel agency business have been identified and suggested for improvements are offered. It also offers recommendation on prospect and operation of the business.

1.6     research questions

The following questions are formulated to guide this study:

1.       What is the level of growth and development of travel agency business in Kaduna metropolis?

2.       What is the level of satisfaction of tourists and travelers in Kaduna metropolis?

3.       What are the challenges faced by travel agency business in Kaduna metropolis?

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