How to improve your reading skills by 40%

How to improve your reading skills by 40%

If you are not satisfied with your study habit and have always attributed it to poor reading skills, then it’s time you make a move for better results. What you must understand is that there are study patterns you shouldn’t emulate from some other person but there are certain skills you must learn and groom yourself with. These reading skills have the capability to engage your posture, your mind and concentration. Let’s go ahead and see what they sound like.

Cease your attention with interesting books                  

The human mind is very sensitive and quick to pay attention to things that interest us. It is to your advantage if you first cease your interest with the most interesting thing you’d like to read about. I found out that some students are quick to buy books they love but very reluctant to read them. When they finally decide to read ‘school books’, they’d like to start with the one they love first and then the other ‘school book’.

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When this happens, your mind is curtailed to listen to what your eyes can see and what your memory can retain. If you really want to retain what you have read for long then…

Do not cram

If you cram what you are reading, there is possibility you may forget or even skip a line or two and when that happens, everything can wipe off your memory. I suggest you read to assimilate i.e. give whatever you have read a basic interpretation such that will create an imagery in your mind. You can peg it on a story, a name, an event, a picture or even an acronym. So that when you remember any of these pegs, you are sure of recalling everything you have read so far.

Imbibe a proper reading position

As long as you are still working on your reading skills, I will advise you do not lie down while reading. The proper seating position while reading is this; place your book(s) on a table, seat on a straight chair, bow your head a bit and support your head with both palms. With this, you will be able to keep your eyes and mind from whatever is happening around you and concentrate on the book.

Engage your mind

If you are in the habit of thinking about something else when a book is right before you, it’s time you let go. It’s not so easy anyways but this can help you a great deal; engage your mind by being analytical while reading. When you come across a point of view, ponder on it until you come across another point of view. In the end, you will realize that you have analyzed the entire view point and message the book is meant to pass on to you.

Don’t bother about the number of pages you read

It is not necessary to bother about the number of pages you have read since you are still improving on your reading skills. What I think should be of priority is how much you are able to understand. I tell you; if you are able to do just a page every day and understand it so well, you will do better as time progresses.