Buying projects from a website isn’t enough to make you a successful researcher.

Buying projects from a website isn’t enough to make you a successful researcher.

 The lone idea to rely on the research aide that project websites provides, in the form of projects topics and research materials, computer source codes, computer softwares etc. isn’t such a good research practice as an undergraduate. A little contribution from you or a third party will be such a great plus to your research.

Students can be smart but lecturers are often smarter. I remember one Alex who already had a full copy of his project when everyone was hustling for project topics. He didn’t realize that the topic he chose does not really tally with the material he got until it was time to submit his literature reviews and questionnaires. So the population of study was entirely different… but he depended so much on the ready material until his topic was changed totally, then depression set in.    

As a principle, students are not expected to copy the research materials they get online hook- line-and-sinker into your research booklet. They encourage instead, that students should use the resources as guidelines, reference point and as framework.

So what principle of good research does this article support or recommend?

As a matter of principle, research best practices recommends that every material adopted for the sake of research should serve as a backup, framework, blueprint and nothing infringing on the academic principles of research.

This simply implies that research materials gotten from a project website is subject to review. This does not mean however that the materials are of low standard. It means that the research materials may not tally entirely in whole or in part with your project topic and structure.

This also means that you may need to tailor the project material to suit your topic’s requirements in part or in whole. To do this, there are few options recommendable on this platform and they are;

·         Hire a writer

·         Hire a programmer (computer science students particularly)

·         Review the project yourself

Don’t be like the colleague we discussed earlier. Get the project topic approved, get an auxiliary project topic online, go ahead to review and tailor it to your taste. Efficiency is what works in this era however, it is better to be smart about it.