Best questions to expect at your final year project defense panel

Best questions to expect at your final year project defense panel

Just like when you are called for interview, there are kind of questions you should expect when you face your project defense panel. They are quite familiar questions, certainly but from experience, you are not to appear before them telling the entire story in your written projects; there are hand-picked and vital sections you mustn’t miss out because you do not have time. Even the most familiar person may seem a threat to you ‘cos your best is needed at that point; and just like interview you must sound really convincing weather you did it yourself or not.  

Listen up; whatever correction you are given at your final year project defense cost you marks. This may result to getting lower grades. I suggest you take note and apply these little tiny guidelines than paying a ransom you never bargained for. But before we get into the questions, here are the vital areas you talk about during your project presentation.

·       State your project topic correctly

·        State accurately and concisely the ‘statement of problem i.e. the actual issue that motivated your project topic in the first place

·         Serial statement of the study objectives

·         The research methodology entirely

·         Your research findings

·         Your conclusion and recommendations.

When you are done discussing these sub-areas, you rest your case and wait for the following questions:

How and why did you choose that number or research population and sample size?

Recall that in choosing your project research population and sample size, you must moderate the figure into a reasonable size; besides that’s what sample population is there to help you do. Meanwhile, your project topic must have an element of the specific population you have studied. That’s why you have project topics like;

·         Radio listenership among youths in Lagos state University

·         Influence of politics and student unionism among University of Uyo students’ academic performance.

·         The use of contraceptives among women in Ogun state metropolis.

That being said; the reason for choosing your sample size is to make the research population manageable, that’s all.

What challenges did you bump into during your research period?

Although you might have written them in your project, I suppose you seize that opportunity to let them understand that as accurate as your research might seem, it may be quite challenging to generalize the research outcome since the research population and the sample size are relatively small. When you do so, they are convinced you understand research principles.

Did you actually retrieve all the research instruments (questionnaire) you gave out?

Obviously, that question is not attainable; be as honest as you can. If not they may require you turn in your questionnaires and if any difference is detected with the figures you already gave, you are in a mess. It happens sometimes that while some will answer correctly, some will dump it or even misplace it. On the other hand, you may be tempted to manipulate the research instruments. Meanwhile, be honest about the copies you gave out and the number you retrieved.

Why did you choose this project topic?

The answer to this question is the statement of the problem; you must not confuse it with the background of the study. If you like, you can paraphrase but try not to give a new idea along the line.

Final year project presentation and defense is as rigorous as writing it. Proper guidelines such as the one above are necessary especially as students make such mistakes over and over.

Good luck.