An Assessment of the Military Special Task Force and Non-Governmental Organisations Interventions in Peacebuilding Initiatives in Jos North LGA of Plateau State (2010-2015)

An Assessment of the Military Special Task Force and Non-Governmental Organisations Interventions in Peacebuilding Initiatives in Jos North LGA of Plateau State (2010-2015)

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Since 2001, Jos North LGA in particular and Plateau State in general has been confronted with series of ethno-religious conflicts which have led to loss of lives and properties. The incessant nature of the conflict led to the drafting in of a special military command dubbed “Special Task Force” to quell the conflict. Within the same area of study, various Non-Governmental Organisations were found to have been involved in the process of peacebuilding. This research therefore assesses the interventions of the military Special Task Force (STF) and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) in peacebuilding initiatives in Jos North with a view to unravel the impact their intervention has had on the peacebuilding process. The objectives of the research therefore are: to examine the various peacebuilding initiatives of the STF and the NGOs, to ascertain if there are areas of collaborations between the two agencies and to assess the impact that the interventions of the two agencies has had on the peacebuilding process in Jos North. Both primary and secondary sources of data collection were utilised for this study. Three survey instruments were used to collect the primary data namely; in-depth interview, questionnaire and participant observation, while the secondary data were collected using documentary method. The data derived was therefore quantitatively and qualitatively presented and analysed. The research adopted Lederach’s Conflict Transformation Theory as an explanatory framework to analyse the diverse agencies involved in the peacebuilding process with greater emphasis on the role of the military as an arm of government and Non-Governmental Organisations as a part of civil society. The research found thatboth agencies have and still are carrying out various peacebuilding initiatives such as interreligious dialogue, medical outreaches, peace talks, peace rally among others in the study area. The research also established the fact that both the STF and the NGOs collaborate in the area of information sharing, joint hosting of peace talks and peace rally among others. The research also shows that the initiatives of the two agencies have impacted positively on the peacebuilding process and very importantly, in view of the mistrust for the military in peacebuilding process, the military actually has a very fundamental role in peacebuilding as demonstrated in the area of study. In view of the findings, the research proffers the following recommendations: first, there is a need for improved partnership and collaboration between the military and the NGOs so as to further entrench the peace attained so far in the area; secondly, government must make efforts to address the underlining factors that breed violence in the area through the provision of employment opportunities to tackle poverty and inequalities; thirdly, there is the need for individuals to volunteer for peace in their communities so as to sustain the peace process.




1.1 Background to the Study

Prior to the outbreak of the first major violence in Plateau State in 1994, the peaceful nature

of Jos North Local Government Area in particular and the State in general was a known fact

for a very long time. It is this peaceful nature and the serenity of the State that earned it the

title “Home of Peace and Tourism. In 2001, another violent conflict took place in Jos North

which later spread to other areas within the State. From this period, violence became

incessant in the area as it occurred in 2002, 2004, 2008 in different parts of the state. These

violent conflicts led to the loss of lives and propriety worth millions of naira. Also a breach in

social cohesion and mistrust among the different religious and ethnic groups that had lived

together for many years grew.

Governments both at the Federal as w

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