Online Examination System Using PHP

Online Examination System Using PHP

Online Examination System Using PHP - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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Online Examination System

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Subject Bank
  1. Create Unlimited Subjects
  2. Manage Questions inside subject
  3. Bulk edit questions
  1. Free and Paid Exam
  2. Schedule exam automatic
  3. Assign groups to exam
  4. Negative marks setting for exam
  5. Attempt count for exam
  6. Control Question randomization for exam
  7. Control result display for exam
  8. Choose/add questions manually from bank
  1. Detailed result
  2. Group bank
  3. Group performance chart
  4. Exam wise,student wise result
ReportsAdvance graphical reporting and analysis for individual and  group as well
  1. Time zone management
  2. header contact Module Management
  3. Email Notification settings
  4. SMS notification settings
  5. Front end registration control
  6. Front end Slideshow control
  7. Paid exam control
  8. leather Board module control
User Management
  1. Create Multiple admin & users
  2. User rights /Permission controller
  1. Integrated PayPal
  2. E-wallet for offline payment
  3. Transaction History

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