Hostel Management System in PHP

Hostel Management System in PHP

Hostel Management System in PHP - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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hostel management system deals with the organized way of managing the activities that take place in the hostels. It will be one of the important projects that will simplify the work of the institutions in getting the seats booked in the hostels with great ease. Hostels are the part of the institutions which will help the students to stay here who are coming from far places. It will help the students in getting the seats in the hostels without any difficulty and will also help in maintaining transparency. It will help in simplifying life of everyone to acquire seats with great ease. Storing data in Oracle database is very secure. This is fully computerized of all the routine process of hostel as student admission, staff management, student records management, Fee Collection, Room check in and check out process, Monthly and weekly Expense calculation and other routing processes.
The modules that can be included in the hostel management system are as follows:
  • User module: This module will help the administrator and the visitor to login to the system using the username and password.
  • Change password module: This allows the user to change the password.
  • Student module: The details of the students like name, address, contact number, educational details etc can be stored through this module.
  • Room allotment module: This module will help the administrator in assigning the rooms according to the educational details and other details as specified.
  • Room fees module: This module will show the fee details paid by the students.
  • Mess module: This module will help in recording the transactions taking place in the mess. The expenditure for each student in the hostel is also maintained through this module.
  • Report generation module: This module will generate the reports.
  • Visitors module: This module will help in adding the visitors details.

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